is FORZA 7 for me ?

i play iRacing, Project cars 2, Raceroom, F1 2017, i use only wheel, i like hardcore simulation and not arcade game, is FORZA 7 for me ?


The career mode has plenty of tuning and challenging race options. The variety of tunes seem more “realistic” to me than prior versions. You can now choose Long or Extra Long races, if you prefer those over the 3-4 lap sprints of the Standard race length.

Race lobbies include “league racing” with a tier-and-rank system that moves elite racers up into their own tiers fairly quickly. There’s also an Endurance lobby running fast cars in 20-minute races, less of a bumper-car sprint and more of a skill racer’s community.

The bash-and-dash crowd is well served with tag and ghost lobbies, so they’ve got an outlet besides getting in your way.

And, as always, there are plenty of us just trying to drive the circuit clean, to mix it up with fellow racers of all stripes, and to learn what we can from the more highly-skilled players like you.

Come join us. We’ll have a good time.

How important is a clean, competitive Multiplayer environment to you?


i prefer offline race with AI for 20 min lenght. i want to use H shifter for all cars and multiple usb input.

Could you please explain to me how you find that entertaining?

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It is what I also prefer along with many many other player and just why should we who prefer to not use MP have to explain it to you.

@OP I have most of the games you mentioned on the Xbox the Wheel works well in all thoes games but is a challenge to use in Forza 7 Forza is a more relaxed style of racer not a serious Sim Racer but one for most people to be able to play with the Basic Controller.

Now as for you question is it worth getting me I would say yes it is Single player and Free play work very well in Forza 7. So here is what you need to do to help you decide, since you are on PC Dowlnload Forza 6 Apex from the Microsoft Store, it is free and is a slimed down version of the Xbox One Forza Motorsport 6 game. Try Apex first and if you like that then you should also find Forza 7 just as much fun.

There is a bunch of MP players on this forum that believe only they know how the game should be played, as they for some reason believe it is only racing if it is in a MP lobby ignore them a lot of us do, as all they do is cry about how bad MP is and go we want more we want more all day long.


Have you tried the demo?

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yes and it was a little bit trash :slight_smile:

Please elaborate on what you didn’t like, whether it was the physics, AI performance, the overall “feel” of the game etc.

The demo is fairly representative of the full game when it comes to the on-track experience; the only key factors you’re missing out on are Upgrades, Tuning and Multiplayer.


Took the words out of my mouth. Forza is better for game pad/controller. Not racewheel/sim racing. I like forza because a controller is better, just wish it stuck more to motorsport style instead of car culture. Needs pit crews, penalties, safty cars, qualifing laps, tire compounds and “tire decal” … Maybe forza Motorsport 8… Dont forget lootboxes that nobody likes that they build the game around. Let the truth out. Forza needs work

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In regards to FM7, I beg to differ. It is great fun driving with a wheel in this version of the game, much better than previous versions of the game. Much more adjust-ability of the wheels feedback settings in game, and a much better feel because of it. I am having a blast driving with my wheel in this game

I use a Logitech G920 on the xbox one, and a T300 RS-GT on the PC for playing FM7 with; both wheels work great with the game. The settings for the FFB are a little backwards compared to other games, so needs to be set up a little differently. There are plenty of guides on setting up wheel hardware with the game, both on PC and the xbox console.

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I sort of agree however people need to think of the wheel section in FM7 as a - Here are the tools set it up yourself. I am not sure why but the presets are not worth two knobs of goat poop. If you plug a wheel into many other games and it either auto detects or you go through the setup via the prompts the results before any personal tweaking can be very good to exceptional and a great starting point. In FM7 you plug in your wheel and think it is faulty and are prepared to send it back for a refund. It really is that bad but if you take the time and work with it then after a week…month or so you can really get an acceptable result. I beat my controller times and find it not only a smoother experience I also feel most cars have a wheel so it adds that dimension as well. I am using the TMX Pro with Manual Shifter and the 3 Pedals in FM7 I am finding it quite good and would not consider going back to a controller but the only thing that puzzles me is in FM6 Apex the FFB etc feels a lot stronger and you are more in touch with the road. FM7 feels watered down by at least 50%

I agree. The default settings for the wheel are undriveable. Once I read through the FFB post and tried a few settings, I found one I liked and tweaked it from there. Now I’m having a lot more fun. I have a shifter arriving today and going to 3 pedals tomorrow. I’ve not touched my Xbox Elite controller since getting the wheel.

My setup, as of Friday 29th, assuming no delivery delays; Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base, P1 wheel, CSL Elite pedals with loadcell and Thrustmaster TH8A shifter.

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The TH8A shifter is an excellent choice, feels and looks bulletproof, and twice the weight I was expecting so you wont have any regrets there. In Rivals, there is an A Class all assists off event on Watkins Glen and that my friend is the perfect track to dial in a wheel and get used to the shifter/pedals.

My setup is
TMX Pro wheel with the 3 pedals ( I think T3PA ) and the TH8A Shifter. I love it and it has made this game soooooooooooo much more enjoyable. I just thank god I had other racing games to go get some sort of gauge of how a wheel should behave and used that as a guide to set it up in FM7.

Oh and I almost forgot the OP - FM7 is a good game and like all it has a few niggles. I have most other racing games available for PC and still spend a considerable amount of time using FM7. So while it needs some attention in areas it has a lot to offer that I do not see in the other games. Even the Specialty Dealer is waiting for you.

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Then clearly it’s absolutely the game for you. You should go all in on the Ultimate Edition.

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Even though im pretty sure the op is trolling ill give an answer. If you prefer a simulation or any kind of realism then forza is not for you. Besides the cars and tracks looking realistic not much else about them is. If you only use a wheel and are used to playing the games you have listed, forza is worse than all of them when it comes to ffb. So if you really played the demo and didnt like it dont buy it.

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I have a couple PC’s and I play all those games… They not always necessarily Hardcore… But how you play them… Much like FORZA7 however with that being said FM7 is not hardcore… Yet you can play AI on unbeatable and in endurance races you can have some fun… Try FM Apex it’s PC and free… If you enjoy it… You’ll enjoy FM7… But it will not feel like the games mentioned above if yu play them on hardcore mode… ! Some cars are pretty decent and handle well… And can be challenging… More SIMcade than Hardcore

If you enjoy offline yu can adjust the career mode races to your liking and enjoy. On long ra Des I play unbeatable… But one level lower for long races and the upper level cars the AI 1 / 2 cars run off like rabbits and are hard to catch or even race competitively

Of curse I use the wheel, paddles and/or the TH8A sequential shifter and of course the peddles. The clutch on FM7 is on/off… And not analog so you won’t enjoy the H shifter… I don’t and on some newer vehicles… Maybe just the Muscle/historic cars. Actually IMHO using the H shifter on a Merc/Ferrari/etc… Would seem just silly.

No absolutely not. This is arcade/sim not full hardcore. Plays better on my PS controller rather that my Fanatec CSW.

You tried the Demo and, apparently, disliked it… So why even post the question?

Pot, meet Spoon… now stir things up.