Is Forza Motorsport 7 worth it for wheel users?

Hey guys, so FM7 is on sale right now and I’m seriously considering getting it to use with my TM TX wheel. But I’d like to know if there are any wheel users out there, with maybe the exact wheel as I have here. And if there are, how do you like the force feedback? I’ll probably just play for fun to de-stress after driving in what elitists call “full sims”. Also If you could share your ffb settings, it would be great! Thanks all!

If you are playing other games with it imo the answer is no. You will get very frustrated with the force feedback implementation compared to the other games and it will likely not be as enjoyable. It’s a case of ignorance is bliss. forza was the first game i played on a wheel (in my adult life) and it was great. Then i played other games, went back to forza and basically retired forza on the wheel.


Personally I’m often switching between gamepad and wheel in Forza Motorsport 7. The game is very casual and easy to play for few races if you have little spare time, plus it has a lot of content (many good tracks and hundreds of vehicles), but the AI in single player is not that great.

When I have a lot of time I usually play with the wheel (Thrustmaster TMX Pro) and while it’s a good experience it’s still not as good as in Project CARS for example. If I have little time to play then I usually play with the controller since I don’t want to bother setting up my racing wheel with my wheel stand in front of the TV. It’s still a good experience with the controller but not as immersive as with a wheel.

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