2 Hours Completely Wasted

So I just finished taking almost exactly 2 whole hours to do 10 laps around Goliath to make some money, and what happens? I cross the finish line, and it switches to the usual drive by camera, AND NOTHING HAPPENS. I can deal with the occasional crash, but this? I literally got cheated out of 2 hours of work because the game couldn’t load the results screen? So what? maybe 300k-400k XP? Maybe a million credits? What exactly did I just have stolen from me?

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That’s a real shame, LOL


If you were using a HE edition Viper with money bonus and the double money from the next exhibition race perk closer to 2 million.

In any case, my condolences. I’ve debated on doing more than 5-6 laps on Goliath but have worried about this exact thing happening to me.

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3 Laps in XP boosting Huracan is 270-275k (overall bonus 70%) CR and around 220-240k XP. Obviosly If you ad wheelspins it’s way better with CR. That means you lost about 900k CR and about 700-800k XP, what means 35-40 wheelspins.

What do you think the odds are of someone with any authority finding this and reimbursing me in any way? Anyone heard of something like that happening before? Because there was a reason I was doing Goliath… I’m broke again lol

0%, realistically.

They might fix the bug if you’re lucky but reimbursement isn’t something they do.

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Did that yesterday, closer to three million credits lost (I got about 2.3 million just from the wheelspins).

That’s an anti Goliath farming measure…

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I received reimbursent when my Horizon 2 savegame was occured. (syncing problem)
This race is buggy and it’s better to do it for 3-4 times. E.g some of the cars are stucking somewhere on a map and it looks like you race alone.

Just out of curiosity, is it a big bonus in the amount of XP you get for doing it multiple laps? As opposed to just doing a 1 lap race 10 times?

I was wondering this exact thing.

On FH2, you actually got more XP per lap if you did one lap rather than multiples because the first lap was worth more XP. The thing was that while it was worth more XP per lap to do fewer laps, because of loading and setup times, you didn’t get more XP per hour. When I figured that out on FH2, I went from doing 50 laps for my final step in tuning down to 20, just in case something bad were to happen. I haven’t tested in depth for FH3, but it seems the same.

I get you may be disappointed with the lack of reward, but what I dont understand is if you consider the driving/racing a chore why did you race in the first place ? Even if youd won the money all you would be able to do with it is buy more cars to drive ie more “work”


It’s not so much that it’s a chore, Like a lot of people point out you can get credits and xp a lot faster by doing shorter races. I chose 10 laps of Goliath because It’s just a nice track to do laps around, wide open curvy roads with no traffic, AND at the end of it you get a nice Bonus. Yeah after a little while it gets a bit repetitive, but that’s where the bonus at the end comes in.
The thing that makes me angry is the fact that it’s very well established that in Forza, and most racing franchises. Do a long race, get a big reward, and do to the buggy nature of the game, several people are spending over an hour on an endurance race, only to be slapped in the face at the end. And quite frankly I wish the devs would fix the game, and reward the people who are getting screwed over by the bugs.

That’s exactly why I don’t go those extremely long races to grind. I got burned with that in past games. I prefer to do less laps but many races. You never know when a game would crash on you. Lesson learned now I’d say, :stuck_out_tongue:

I thoroughly enjoy doing 5 or 10 lap races on Goliath! I would be hesitant to do more than 10 laps there for that very reason, though…

Regardless of the in game moolah, the xp, it’s a nice track or whatever there is no way I would want to spend 2 hours doing x amount of laps around the same track the time it takes to do one lap is more than enough for me, and complaining due to not getting the rewards for doing that, I mean seriously??? LOL

Seriously? What is with people’s attitudes towards long Goliath races? It’s The player’s choice whether or not they think it’s worth the grind for the XP. If the game developers didn’t want people doing this, it’d be a sprint like it is in Horizon 1 & 2. And just because you’re not willing to spend the time to do an endurance race, I shouldn’t be allowed to be upset for losing my reward?
Seriously, All I want is even half the XP I would have gotten if the game worked properly? Why is that too much to ask?

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Speaking of the Goliath Race, I just finished 50 laps on it with the Lambo for skill bonus, the thing about do it, it’s about gaining exp not the money, I ended up with 6.5mil credits and 6.3mil exp at the end of that long 8hr 30min (can’t really remember the time but I averaged 9mins 50s lap times. The more clean you run the more more your exp will be, credit is simply based off amount of laps and the boost you are using and driver line up. I have screen shots on my profile of the Credits and Exp and a video of me crossing the line for the time. I have done, 5 laps, 10 laps and 50 now. By far best bang for your time is 5 or 10 laps.

Tho if you think your 2hrs was wasted, a buddy of mine was doing the 50 lap endurance with me to keep me company and at lap 17 he used rewind by accident an it sent him back half a lap, and shortly after he hit it again by accident at lap 22 an it sent him all the way back to lap 17, that’s a 50 minute difference, he just turned his xbox off. So your loss isn’t as bad as to his. But you still get your exp from skill chains even if you don’t finish the race, It automatically saves after each skill chain saved.

Congratulations on your big CR/XP haul! Since I’ve had zero crashes so far, I’ll take a chance on a 20-lap Goliath race (still hesitant to try 50). Based on your friend’s experience, I will disable rewind (I’ll get more credits that way anyway), because I wouldn’t want to lose 5 laps worth of effort!

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