23 laps into the Goliath race and game freezes....

I just have to rant that I wasted a better part of a day racing and the game froze :frowning: I’m so but hurt right now!

23 laps into the Goliath out of 50 ( I know I’m crazy) and I get to the city and game freezes… I leave the game open for a few hours to see if it would unfreeze and nope… But oh well maybe I learned a lesson to not do a race that takes hours so I dont literally waste my time like I just did…

Find other ways to level up!

Use DJS Bucket list method if it’s only XP your after Wrong way on the dual carriageway with a skills boost car ideally capable of 200 MPH+ It’s good for around 1M XP per hour .

Or for balanced XP and CR grinding then 6 lap goliath races in XP boost again needs to be good 200 MPH+ I ran a S2-914 tune Mustang’69 HE in a custom blueprint exhibition all same vehicle… seemed to tame Drivatar behaviour and make 958K Cr and 850K XP per hour with the right perks enabled… 6 laps more than covered the SP cost for each race and took 1H 05mins


Yep, well known fact, anything over 6 laps on Goliath and you are taking a chance, especially with rewind on. With rewind off you can probably do 10-15 lap races without issue. Using Groove Music and switching back and forth alot (only way to cycle through music on Groove right now since it always plays in alphabetical order) will also cause game crashes at anything over 6 laps…

Also I found the Groove Music thing lasts through the race and will cause the game to crash if you don’t completely shut it down and restart. I had this happen quite a lot. Now I just don’t use groove anymore and I minimize the rewinds or turn them off.

Then again I’ve had the game crash from just being in the garage if I haven’t shut it down and restarted it for a few days. So I try to remember now to completely close out of the game every day and reload. Seems to help.


If you use rewind, don’t do more than 5 laps. If you don’t use rewind, don’t do more than 10 laps. I’ve never had a problem with 10 lap Goliath races (no rewind), but anything more than that causes issues for me. If you try 10 laps without rewind and still freeze and crash, then lower it to 8 laps.

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