I did the 50 lapped goliath race (no assists, unbeatable AI)

So today I attempted and completed the 50 laps at the Goliath Circuit. Took my 8 Hours and 48 Minutes in the BRZ HE, I did it in that car instead of a credits car cause I have all the cars I want atm and still had left over cash so i said screw it i just wanna lvl up 100 times lol

Screenshots: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Will I ever do this again? No. Before I did this I was doing a 6 lapped version which takes about an hour, i would do that once or twice a day, which i will continue doing but I wont ever do the 50 laps again, although it was fun as I love endurance races like that :smiley:

EDIT: The screenshots show that its a keyboard, NO i did not use a keyboard lol, I have to use my keyboard to take screenshots so it switches the controls when i screenshot haha

just do rivals, it’s actually enjoyable.

You mad man. Did you go through all the wheelspins already?

No, ive got all of the HE cars atm, so i want to save them for when the new HE cars are released. I have about 150 wheelspins saved up lol

Did you have the 3x xp perk active on your run?

Just did the 50 in my HE Boss, our numbers are similar, but my perk bonus was 1,922,364 - have been trying to figure out how it calculates that number.

I thought that was for championships only! Wow i would have used it if i had known it would work during it

Can someone confirm this works before i hop into another one of these tomorrow lol

The way I take it is basically anything in single player is considered ‘campaign’.
I have to re-up the credit perk and make sure the xp perk is still active after every goliath exhibition run.

Good luck on your next 50 run;)