2 Hours Completely Wasted

Personally I think it’s cool that endurance races are available as an option. It’s the kind of thing I used to wish for as a kid - like a lot of other aspects of Horizon, such as being able to leave the road and tear across the landscape.

But, you know, computers glitch out sometimes. Nothing can really be done about it. It’s not like Playground Games is monitoring each player’s session and can tell when something happened that wasn’t supposed to, or didn’t happen that was supposed to. And if they responded to every appeal like this on the forum then cheaters would be spamming them with requests for XP.

It sounds like you were doing the race for XP, not really because you enjoy endurance races. So the real question is… are you going to roll the dice and do another 10-lap race? Or raise the stakes and put a 50-burger on FH3?

I just completed a 20-lap Goliath race and finished in 4:13:57, got over 2.7 mil credits and over 3.2 mil XP, and went from level 477 to level 518. I noticed an occasional stutter, especially over the last 6 laps of the race, so maybe I should go back to 5-10 lap races from now on. It was fun, though!

Honestly, 5-10 lap race is the way to go. The grind for 50 laps is honest a self achievement, and to gloat I did something about 99% of ppl won’t do. Lol. But I know damn well, I’m never doing 50 laps again. Haha

And yeah I think the longer the race is, the more bugs you’ll run into, I had drivers stopped in the middle of the road not moving, stuck on rocks or behind trees, safe to say I never use rewind anyways for the increase of credit percentage at the end for difficulty.

When it freezes during loading (the spinning circle), press alt+tab or alt+enter a few times… that kept the game going for me.