Xbox Series X

Well, I got my new console and the upgraded Forza Horizon 4 installed, but none of my car packs came with. Fortune Island and Lego came with for free, but I literally have cars in my garage that I’ve already upgraded and raced many times that I can no longer drive unless I play on my Xbox One where those car packs are still unlocked.

I own the car pass and just about every dlc car there is. I think the only thing I didn’t buy was the james bond car pack.

Is this intentional? Do I have to buy the car pass a second time?


say, has the missing ambient occlusion in the series x version been fixed by now? Its,a pity that the game looks worse on the more powerful console. I’d rather have a somewhat lowered resolution instead.

It’s not broken. It looks better.

No, it doesn’t. it runs at 60fps, which is great. But it is missing ambient occlusion, which makes side objects appear tacked on, as if they weren’t part of the environment. That wasn’t the case on Xbox One X, but it is on Xbox Series X. Just watch the review by digital foundry on youtube.

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It was always 60 FPS, it’s nicer now.

I know the stuff but many people still talk about quality mode. Who cares about quality mode? Is it possible to have it on XSX? Sure, but it’s not because performance mode is there already and it won’t maybe change.

I went from the one s to the one x specifically for FH4 quality mode, I was already playing at 30 fps but the jump to 4k with better effects was worth it, why would I go from one x to series x just to gain 60 fps, slightly better graphics but lose things like dynamic shadows in racing and photo mode and ambient occlusion, you don’t speak for everyone saying who cares about quality mode

The game has been reduced for Series X. That’s what people are saying, and it’s true.

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No, you don’t have to buy it again. Did you make the new xbox your home xbox?
You might try reinstalling FH4… That’s what I had to do.

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No, it’s not true, it was improved. Better resolution and my new effects.

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Well you could improve the resolution on a standard Xox One if you removed things from it, so that doesn’t really count on its own. What new effects does the series X have? …The snow effect looks worse.

Hopefully they will fix everything eventually.

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Night shadows during free-roam. Much better rain effects. Much more detailed cars. Many things you didn’t have. I am very happy. It can’t be fixed when it’s not broken.

Xbox One X in quality mode:
Headlight shadows: check
Rain effects: check
Everything else you can think of: check
Graphically only PC version is superior to One X’s quality mode.

So, there’s nothing new in Series X version except higher framerate. Watch Digital Foundry’s video. In fact, Series X version, at least at time they did video, was graphically slightly downgraded from One X quality mode.

This is not quality, it’s performance mode enhanced in many ways. It’s much better than before.

So everything’s better but you guys are very boring. I wouldn’t develop anything for you. Many wrong complains :smiley:

You know that there is no such thing as quality mode, and performance mode on XBox right? They are programmed that way by the programmers as a menu option.

Night shadows were removed from racing which you get on XBox One X.


I have a request, you could stick on carbon foils on it, because for example the Senna I can not foil the rear bumper at all

I am just saying some ppl here are wrong. It’s better in many ways. There is no quality mode on XSX. 30 FPS is not good for gaming anyway.

So no downgrades, no fixing needed, etc.

So loss of dynamic shadows in races and photomode and removal of ambient occlusion is not a downgrade?