Game Pass Version

What should this include? I thought it was only the basic version but I’ve unlocked more than that.

I appear to have VIP on my account as I have the gold zonda, double credits for races and the VIP house unlocked at Derwent Water.

I also have the Bond cars unlocked as well as the drift cars, which makes me think I somehow have the Ultimate Edition.

I did pre-order the Ultimate Edition a while back but cancelled as I no longer had the funds for it, however I suppose I should check that payment hasn’t been taken for it.

Bonus if I’ve got the Ultimate Edition via Game Pass, especially as I’m currently on the 2 months for £2 deal until 1st November. I assume once I have the Ultimate it can’t be taken away again?

Loving the game more than I thought I would after a few hours play last night. The attention to detail with the UK roads, scenery, buildings, street furniture etc is incredible.

It sounds like you have the Ultimate Edition content downloaded on your console. When you pre-order it auto installs all the content and it stays installed, even if you cancel.

It is probably only a matter of time before you lose rights to the content.

I may lose it as long as I haven’t actually paid for it. I don’t think I have and I deleted the files off my console a few weeks back.

Hi, I have forza horizon 4 via gamepass now but i will expire in 2 days. I have a question: Can I buy this game as the box version and the game will work corectly or I have to buy it on official sites (microsoft store{electronic licence}). I mean will I have same datas as from gamepass or will i play form the beggining? + Will I have seasons and season challenges? Help me pls

I don’t think many people went your track here but here is what would be my opinion :

Game saves are associated to your profile so you could log on your neighbor’s xbox with your account, if he has the game, whatever install mode, it is expected to work just fine and give you access to all your FH progress/cars/etc. There is no reason the same does not apply to your xbox.

If you need official confirmation, you can log a ticket here

You can have the license in whatever way you see fit.

Your save game remains, whether you have a valid license or not.

The point is, you’re likely unable to start the game without a valid license.

As people have said your save will be fine but if you do end up buying a disc version and not a digital copy you will most likely have to delete the digital version of the game and install the disc. So just be careful that you just delete the game and not the save.

In addition to what was already said, you didn’t mention if you were buying a retail version for PC/Xbox One or for Xbox One. Just be aware that if you purchase ‘Horizon 4’ as a physical disc for Xbox One, then you will need the disc to start the game each time you want to play it. If you purchase the game as a digital copy (PC/Xbox One), then be sure that you register the product license to the same Xbox Account that you’ve been previously playing the game with Game Pass. Either way your game progress will continue from where you left off when you last played the game using your Xbox Account.

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As others have said, this will work the way you want it to work. Think of the game data, your save, and your license as 3 distinct parts. The game data is identical for all of us. Your save is specific to you, and is currently on your xbox and in the cloud, associated with your account. Those 2 things don’t change no matter what license you have. Currently you have a license via gamepass, but the game doesn’t care if you change to a disc in the xbox or if you buy a digital copy.

Be aware if you buy a disk second hand you only get the base game. The ultimate and deluxe versions are the base game plus dlc code.

The dlc will be used so you only get the base game.

Good deal on the base game + Lego via a reliable site. Probably simpler than a disk unless you have a really good reason for disk.

I don’t use an XBOX or a console of any kind. I know I can play this on PC, but what is the Game Pass and would I have to pay for a monthly subscription to play online? Can i just buy a copy from the Microsoft store and play to my hearts content with no further cost? Im thinking about getting this and a copy for a friend but I dont want to get it if we have to pay to play multiplayer.

On PC you dont have to pay for xbox live
Game pass is a monthly subscription that includes a lot of games that are only playable while you keep paying that subscription
If you buy a digital copy from the Microsoft store theres no further cost unless you want dlc or expansions

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Awesome. TY!