Game pass and ultimate edition

I have game pass. Will there be a separate ultimate edition upgrade or will I have to pay the full price?

Usually the VIP, car pass, expansions pass are sold seperate once the game is released. The day one car pass I’d imagine would be as well, but I could be wrong.

Exactly the information I’m looking for. I’m sure I’ll end up buying a physical Ultimate Edition, but a little info from the Devs would be welcomed. If I have game pass, will I be able to just buy all the extra DLC / VIP / Carpass / etc. AT LAUNCH? Anybody that can confirm or deny wins my eternal gratitude.

There was an ultimate edition upgrade mentioned a few months ago
If you did buy that or any of the dlc separately it would then be pointless to buy the physical ultimate edition afterwards since you would still have all the ultimate edition dlc attached to your account

I figured there would be an upgrade edition, but I’m not finding it anywhere. Everything that comes in the Ultimate Edition is listed as “Not Sold Separately”…

Anybody with more info?

Usually the ultimate edition stuff like car pass, vip etc only goes on sale separately when the game is out, so probably on the 2nd or the week after.

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Why not just give them the money they deserve and stop trying to cheat them out. They made a great game, the least you could do is actually pay for it.


Microsoft were happy to put it on game pass to encourage subscriptions. They obviously believe that this is a profitable business model. I’m quite happy to pay for the extra content not in the base game which is included with my game pass subscription.


You do realize you end up paying more in the long run on Game Pass than you do just buying it outright, right?

I have game pass already as I find it good value.

Yes, I do as well, but in the case of FH4, how long do you plan on playing it?

If it’s longer than 9 months than the UE is cheaper.

Or…I could use the Xbox Game Pass like they’ve been suggesting by spamming my email relentlessly for the past year. How the hell am I cheating them? I own a physical copy of every Forza made. Thanks for your very helpful suggestion.

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Think of the game pass as a “trial” version, not a full copy, as it only costs $10/mo. I’m glad they removed the option for game pass users to upgrade/preload the game.

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This is completely wrong, it’s a full copy of the game and First party games stay in there for good. There are people who play multiple games not just a single one per year you know. Game pass game is standard eddition of the game, nothing trial about it, just as games with gold.

Nope it’s more of a rental since you dont own it
As soon as you stop paying for game pass you lose access
And there’s nothing official stating First party games stay in there for good

Its more of a rental
If you stop paying you lose access

And of course they cant preload…they dont own it…
If they downloaded every game on game pass automatically there would be a lot if unhappy people…they cant have it both ways either

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Some people find happiness in the oddest things.

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Because they screwed up last year with VIP X2 bonus points? Took them 3-4 months to “fix” it. Not gonna throw blindly 100$ again at their next title.

But that was Turn 10, this is Playground Games. Yeah Turn 10 is involved, to a degree, but this is Playground Games thing.


I 100% saw a ultimate edition upgrade that was quickly removed, a few weeks back, don’t see why they wouldn’t start doing this for games, it would entice more to sign up to game pass, knowing they won’t just be stuck with the base version of a title. Also, it would deter people from cancelling their game pass, as they would be financially invested into a games dlc