Xbox Series X

Nobody would expect 30fps quality mode on Series X, we all expected 60fps Quality mode as standard mode on Series X.

I didn’t. I am very happy with current state. PG and T10 have probably very big troubles so current situation is good for me. Much better than usual broken patches.

There is no any loss.

If you feel that the improvements outweigh the downgrades good for you but it is a fact that some area’s have been downgraded from what was the previous best version of the game available on console which was the One X.
People are allowed to be surprised by this and question why, it is a loss no matter how you look at it.

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Best version has now higher resolution and many effects. Not any downgrade.

There were no additional upgrades after the Digital Foundry article. So headlight shadows at night are not present in races, only in the open world. No screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO)>
As DF stated 4K30 quality mode on Xbox One X looks better.

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I noticed on the Panic Button website that one of their goals was to have FH4 running up to 120fps. That would be an odd thing to put if they never actually achieved it.

This is the only place I have heard mention of FH4 running at 120hz on XSX.

This might suggest they withdrew a 120hz mode before release or that there will be a 120hz mode coming at some point right?

It is likely that there will be updates to FH4, and it will become as good as all the XBox One modes at 60fps, and then 120fps in some slightly lower mode.

Wow, sounds great. FH needs 120 badly. We’ll see.

FullHD mode in 120 should be very possible.

With a Ryzen 5 3600, 1080p Ultra, I had an average of 140fps for CPU render. That’s a CPU that turbos to 4.2GHz. XSX CPU runs at 3.8GHz without SMT, and I believe it doesn’t turbo above that. Maybe it can do it with some quality settings reduced, but I think 1080p Ultra that never drops below 120 might not be possible (140 was an average, the minimum would have been lower).

I just tried it, also 1080p Ultra. CPU render average 176, min 149. AFAIK the CPU in the XSX is supposed to be better than mine but who knows.

Your CPU turbos to 4.8GHz which is miles faster than the 3.8GHz of the XSX.

Thanks for the info.

I was thinking about X1 performance mode with double FPS only + few effects. It should be possible, because it’s “ugly” and could be built on current XSX version, lowering resolution and playing with effects.

It loads so much faster!!! Like night and day. It will be less frustrating now. This is why it would have been a waste of money for me to buy an external SSD for the One X. I knew I would snag a Series X in time.

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Yep! A world of difference. Even when you restart the game, you can skip past everything to the load screen. I even appreciate that “skip ahead” feature