Xbox One X graphic glitches/flashing

I recently purchased my Xbox One x, when I installed Forza 7 I immediately saw sever graphic glitches, where certain parts of the screen will flash very bright white, this is not present in the menu screens but starts with the car models and drivers in the lobby and then the track is also affected when a race starts, it makes the game unplayable. This issue is not present in GoW4 or Halo, both of which play perfectly.

I assumed it was a hardware problem and contacted Xbox support and went through the standard remove and reinstall Gamertags and soft reset of console but that did not help. They then informed me that this was a known issue with Forza 7 and a patch will be released soon to resolve the issue.

However if it is a known issue then I am surprised I have not seen any other mention of this problem. It renders the game unplayable so I would expect to read at least few reports. I am thinking that this is a hardware issue and I should return the console?

Short clip below to show what it looks like, thanks for reading.

Email and see if they can help.
They may not reply though, but if they do at least you’ll know either way.
Maybe a Turn 10 staffer could chime in? Unlikely i know but nitroglitter has been around a bit lately.

Hope you are not prone to seizures!

Indeed, its not a pleasant experience! I will try sending the email or I would like to return the console for a replacement but the shop are saying that I need a reference from MS to state it is faulty.

I haven’t experienced anything that bad, but I have noticed some issues. For me - on some tracks, I see white lines on the track. It’s like the edge of the polygons. Like, I can see the wireframe or something. It reminds me of old PS1 / Saturn games where the polygons don’t quite touch and there’s like a 1 pixel gap between them or something where light shines through. It doesn’t happen to me all the time, on all tracks, or even on the same tracks consistently… but it is annoying when it happens.

I’ve tried using the Xbox to record the video, but in the recorded video, I don’t see it… next time it pops up I’ll have to record it with an external device - maybe stream to pc and capture the screen or something.

The video is as bad as it gets, on other tracks/races it cam look like texture popping, but more randomly and always popping to white.

I’ve been on with Xbox support and they are insisting that it’s a game related not console related issue. Given that I’ve had no other problems with GoW4 or Halo 5 they may well be correct. I will try installing FH3, see how that goes.