Is something wrong with my game or my xbox?

Hi there,

I have had this issue since the very first day I started playing Forza 6, I get these white artifacts around the gauges on some vehicles but not all of them. It is worse on some than it is others, sometimes I will see them in the shadows on some tracks but it is barely noticeable. I haven’t/ don’t currently have this issue on any other games including FM5 and Horizon 2. I am wondering if something is wrong with the game or my console. Thanks for any information anyone may have.

Here is a short video showing the issue, it is easier to show than to describe. The car is the 1995 Cobra R SVT, it is probably the worst I have discovered so far.

White line artifact on Nurburgring at night.

Response from
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Response from microsoft support

Looks like it may be your Xbox, try hard resetting your console and see if that helps.

I have done a couple hard resets recently to fix slow auto sign in, it hasn’t changed anything in forza 6 though, but I will try another just to be sure. I popped forza 5 in last night and drove multiple vehicles and didn’t see any signs of the white artifacts. I have seen a couple people who have had red artifacts caused by a faulty gpu, but those artifacts showed up all over the place and my white artifacts only show up on the dash in cockpit view on certain vehicles. Thanks for the reply.

Edit: So I did a hard reset and also ended up taking my xbox over to my brothers place to try it on his tv, same artifacting happening. I was wondering if maybe a corrupted install could cause this, I don’t want to waste the data re-downloading if its not a possibility due to my limited data allowance from my ISP. I am assuming if it is a faulty gpu Microsoft probably won’t do anything since the console is a couple years old?

Step 1: Shoot an email to the devs - I’m pretty sure that’s it; you can get it checked up with someone else here.

Step 2: Contact MS support and explain to them what’s happening.

Thank you for the suggestion, I will do that.

So I tried emailing the devs and received this response

Can I still expect an email in regards to my issue, or is this basically telling me that they receive too many emails and I should not expect any response beyond this one?

So I contacted MS support and had a chat with them today. I linked this thread, and they believe that it is a problem with the game and not the console. Also the only method of contact they had to Turn 10 is the email that has already been provided in this thread. So what are the chances or Turn 10 responding on this forum? The email seems like it is a dead end, since I get an automated response every time.

I had a similar issue, my save file was corrupt in the cloud, I was level 550 something with 160 million credits and 33 manufacturers maxed. After talking to ms live, online support and numerous moderates I finally got this email for turn ten but to no avail. Messaged them 3 times all with the same automated reply. I lost it all.

Man that is terrible, I am sorry to hear that. I even tried contacting them through their facebook…starting to look like the moral of the story is that Turn10 has really bad customer service. I have never had such difficultly in getting in contact with an official representative of a company.

You do have legit concerns there - I do not know why the devs are so hesitant to get in touch with their customers and help them resolve their grievances. They can easily designate individuals to deal with this kind of thing.

Anyway, clear up your Local Saved Games, resync with the cloud and see if that resolves it. You might try a reinstall, which I’m sure you might have done already by now. Your last resort is a Factory Reset. In which case, you’ll have to resync your saves for each game and resintall them, not to mention fine-tune UI settings to taste.

Good luck man, hope you get closure on this soon. Are you using any enhancements at all on your TV? Best to keep those off and enable 1:1 pixel mapping.

I am starting to see a line across the track like the one you show in the Nurb at night video except my game has it on every track every 50 Meters or so. some times it takes a few laps. After 5 laps on a 20 lap race in free play it becomes very present and distracting. This has started 2 content updates ago or I have just been noticing it more and more.

I am also starting to notice random pixel flashes in the scenery of the sides of the track. On some turns, in third person view, I will see large black boxes and pixelation appear when a car is close behind. It doesn’t feel like the game is freezing or slowing down. This is really noticable at Road Atlanta Turn 7.

On the bridge at Bernese Alps, when I am on the upper deck and cars are passing on the road below, I am starting to see there shadow or something through the road of the bridge. So strange.

I too would like to know if this is something I can fix by doing something to my Local Save and Uninstall / Reinstall Forza 6. I don’t want to lose over 300 hours of game save data. It will not be the end of the world but it has taken a lot of time to reach level 1,497. I hope someone from Turn 10 can give some directions of what to try or if a Mod can give a few words of there thoughts.

Speed Demon996- Yeah it really does suck when you can’t get any kind of response. I ended up deleting forza, moved everything over to the external HDD and did a factory reset on the console then I reinstalled forza, but it didn’t fix anything. I have an extended warranty through bestbuy that expires in about a month, I called them and all they will do is take my console and send it off to be repaired. No time table for how long it will take…I really don’t want to be without my mediacenter for a month and have someone mucking around with the hardware if there is nothing wrong with it.

ajd440ex38- I have the random pixel flashes in the scenery on some tracks too, I haven’t had any large black boxes or any of your other symptoms though. It does make it hard to enjoy the game. Like I told Speed Demon, I did the uninstall, factory reset, reinstall. It didn’t fix anything for me, but it might be different for you…probably not though since it sounds like we have the same problem. I am assuming, like me, you don’t have any issues on other games?

What’s it like on other games, if it has graphics problems then it prob the gpu going faulty, but if its just F6, try another copy of F6, if you can’t borrow from a mate rent it one. If still the same then I would send it to Microsoft for repair. I sent my 360 to them for repair, all they did was took my 360 lid of for my serial no; from my faulty 360 & put it on a brand new xbox360, you can tell it was brand new. They might do the same with your xb1 either way it needs sorting out as its only going to get worse if its the gpu.

I don’t have any issues at all on other games. FM5, Horizon 2, Assassins Creed, Killer Instinct, MGS 5, Dragon Age, Shadow of Mordor, plus all the free games with gold and my backwards compatible x360 games run without any issues what so ever. My FM6 is a digital copy, I might see if my local redbox has a copy though.

I was thinking the same thing. I may rent a copy and try it. I don’t know if you have to uninstall the digital copy because it may override the disc in the tray.

At this point I am just going to deal with it and not waste hours of time and have no results. When driving in the game, I am not having slow downs or stutters. If that was happening I would delete everything and start over.

All of the issues I have reported are only happening with Forza 6 and I have the digital Ultimate edition installed on a fast USB 3.0 external HDD. I have thought that maybe my external drive has reached it’s operating hours but if it dies, only games are on it and not game saves. Or atleast I don’t think game saves are on it.

Long story short, It is a game and it entertains me. If I have to start over, I know that credits are easy to make. I have read that if you contact one of the devs after your game save has been lost, they will help you get started again with some credit or maybe find an older game save that can be recovered. Don’t quote me on that because that could be a memory from older Forza games.

Hey here’s one thing you may not have tried: take your FM6 to a friends house and see if you can install it fresh there, because we want to replicate the issue 1:1.

You might take it to a store and request them to let you install the game and try it out on their system. Probably the best way to know if it’s your game disc that might have corrupt data on it. Though that’s awfully rare.

I think all your save files should be in backed up in the cloud, so you shouldn’t have to worry about losing too much progress if any at all. After I did a factory reset and reinstall it took a few minutes to forza to sync when I first launched the game and then everything was just as I had left it last time I played.

Yeah, I have the digital ultimate edition. I might try and take my external hdd somewhere and see if they will let me launch the game. It is just irritating that a person can’t even get a response from Turn 10, just ignoring people is worse than just coming out and saying that “we don’t give a frick, its not our problem.”