Aliasing problem or GPU problem?


I have Just started playing forza 5 on my New Xbox one sunset edition (bought last week). In forza 5 the cars at some places have jagged lines worse on track then in the garage mode. The same for tracklines on the horizon. Also some cars example the BMW 1 serie coupé in black I see pixelated white lines between the doors and chassis, and the grill (kidney) details are flickering. Is this the aliasing problems with this game or is my gpu faulty?

Thanks for the help.



There’s nothing wrong with your GPU. This has been the case since FM3 and 4 (not entirely sure about 2) for obvious reasons: in garage/showroom and Autovista the graphics are running at their full thresh hold if you will, since there’s no on track or AI cars to be displayed. So inevitably, you’re going to get a slightly lower resolution once on the track, especially since we need to remember everything has to remain constant at 60 fps. Do a hot lap, and see how slightly sharper the graphics look. Go into a race, and you may or may not notice a slight downgrade; depends on how keen an observer you are.

If you want no jaggies at all, FH2 will please you to no end; 60 fps is not a requirement so you get better AA.

As for FM5, you might try sitting farther away from the screen. It’s not a PC, so you don’t need to be sitting 3 or 4 feet from it, irrespective of what the HD and THX (or whatever the authority is these day) guys claim to be the optimal distance. Unless you’re screen is significantly small (I’d say under 40" or more), you may need to sit quite close to it.

I have a 40" screen, and games look fine 12 feet away. Make sure you have 1:1 pixel mapping enabled, TV and X1 resolution set to 1080p… and keep the sharpness as low as possible. You don’t need artificial sharpness on an HD signal anyway. Try using those edge enhancements (on some TVs they call it MPEG noise reduction and plain old noise reduction) - try using those to minimize the effect.

May I ask what model you have, and what features you have on or off?

Hope this helps mate, happy motoring!