Winter Seasonal Events too easy?

So ive been waiting for the winter season to arrive and loaded up the game last night to do all the Winter Seasonal events for Road, Dirt and Cross Country. I started with the Rally monsters and used the Audi and found it way too easy so switched to the Ford Evolution, ended up almost half a lap in front by the end so i thought something isnt right here. checked the difficulty settings and i was still on unbeatable with all assists off. Basically all the seasonal events the drivatars seems to be way slower than they have so far during the other seasons… Anyone else experiencing this? Even the Jag XKR on the Road event slliding around all over the place was no match for them.

I expected to have some difficulty completing them but i had the whole lot done in less than an hour and a half. Kinda dissapointed to be honest as it just wasnt much of a challenge. I did notice one of them wanted me to use one of the James Bond 007 Cars and gave me NO other options. They were all the same for the race. Hope that event hasnt locked out those who dont have the DLC?

So far I have only tried the seasonal jump. And even though I spend serious Cr on several cars, the fast ones get stuck in the ‘snow’ and the ones with ground clearance lose to much speed up hill.
The other seasonals were tough, but I quickly got close to the objective and with some trying I made it. This time I’m getting to 240-250m consistently with 297m required.

With the car bouncing all over the place and other traffic placed randomly exactly in my apex, I’m going to protect my sanity and see if somebody else makes it (leaderboard is useless, since I got within a meter of the objective in autumn without trying) and try it with the car they used (if they are willing to provide the details).

I was able to clear it pretty easily using the Agera RS, but any supercar should work. The key is to load the right tune, go into the upgrade search and look for ‘snow’ keyword. Those will have rally build including snow tires, then just switch it back after winter is over. For some of these jumps winter actually makes it easier because the run-up to the jump is less bumpy.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! That really helped.
With the Agera with snow tune the hardest part turned out to be not jumping over the ramp. But with a little easing of the throttle and some rewinds I quickly got the target distance.

Can you give an example of lap times you’re doing for a specific car and track (not the DLC event)? I’ll have a go at the same event and see if it matches what is needed for me to beat unbeatable drivatars by half a lap. From various posts on here, there seems to be a bug where people get the same difficulty no matter what is set, so I’m wondering if yours was stuck on the easiest difficulty despite appearing to be set to unbeatable.

sure thing man, ill have another go of the seasonal championships tonight and take some screens or something and let you know :wink:

I have been having fun with the B Class muscle car online team vs. Drivatar challenge. I love B Class muscle cars and cross country racing so this one is right in my wheel house. First try my team won easily as we had 3 players who knew what they were doing and we finished top 3 in both races. Next try I won both races going away but the rest of my team sucked and we lost. I was really hoping for a split to see what the third race is? Next try we one easily again and I crushed both races. I will probably play this several times in many different builds over the weekend. I will probably play the Super Saloon event in PvP as well since these seasonal events have game wide matchmaking instead of the no chance of a race in horizon live PvP.

This is the only way I can scratch my online itch as I refuse to go anywhere near team adventure.

So Ive done the “Hollyrood Park Trail” in a bone stock G65 (A712). The start was normal, until we hit the offroad section. In this tiny part of the race, I was able to easily overtake the top 3 unbeatable drivatars. When we left the offroad section, the drivatars were able to keep up just fine on the tarmac. (race time 2:52.7, 2nd place finished just behind me (.8sec later))

It seems to be purely offroad, as you said. this was my first real offroad race in the game, unfortunately far to easy on a race I’ve never done before in a car that was horrible to drive (on tarmac).

Just had a go at that, yes, it does seem a bit easy, though not crazily so, like you I was only about a second ahead of 2nd place. But in general I’ve been narrowly losing on Pro and have mostly been sticking to Expert, so that car/route combination seems easier than that.

Edit: It’s not just the seasonal events, I just won The Gauntlet on unbeatable with the stock G65, it seemed hopeless until near the end, at which point the two drivatars that I’d been unable to make much impact on slowed down drastically.

I remember running away from a lot of races on unbeatable in the blizzard mountain expansion. Especial when using cars that were still easy to handle without snow tires, like most AWDs.

And no, nothing easy about it. I had to go back to expert level to win the races.
I used Foust’s beatle for the rally monsters, but only just manage to win 'cause I kept getting stuck in the water pools. And for the other races, well, Horizon is the same as real racing, It’s all about which car you’re driving and how fast you can get through the pack to catch the guy who got to start up front.

Far more annoying, having completed all 3 events (forced social is so not social) I ended up witch 1 super wheel spin and 5 normal wheel spins. Use that super wheelspin as soon as you get them!

I’ve just done the Gardens Cross Country Circuit, and I can see what the problem is, the unbeatable drivatars are terrible in deep snow, which that circuit has a lot of in winter. It was deep snow where they became really slow in The Gauntlet as well. I won the Gardens Cross Country Circuit with a fastest lap time 2.5 seconds faster than the fastest unbeatable drivatar and my laps were nowhere near perfect.

ok lets not start complaining about a difficulty bieng too easy for u…some of us like to enjoy the game and not have a super hard challenge…every seasonal i have done has been a pretty close race so maybe you should just take into consideration that you are just a really exceptional driver maybe instead of trying to complain so the developers make it harder for the likes of us who like to relax and enjoy the game without struggling with super hard difficulty(midnight club) lol…if u want a challenge play the motorsport games…the horizon games are supposed to be fun not super challenging…sorry you were disappointed but your obviously not the majority…i myself enjoyed the seasonal events and they dont need to be any more difficult…i usually play on average just for a fun overall experience but i did all the seasonal events on expert drivatar difficulty and like i said all the races were close within seconds to me thats more than realistic