Seasonal championships now fixed difficulty

So, I just finished this season and apparently seasonal championships are now fixed to ‘very experienced’, while in Fh 4 the difficulty was variable and ‘very experienced’ was the minimum to get full reward.
(Sorry if I’m a bit late to the party, but I had to re-borrow my old g920 since FH5 is incapable of running a g923, and I lost my patience waiting for a patch to fix this issue)

May I ask why? Who thought that this was a good idea?

The result is, that I finished all seasonal championships with a +10s lead at every race even though I’ve never seen this tracks before and I build my cars with the formulas I made for FH4 (which definetly needs some re-evaluation). I’ve got literaly bored at my first attempt.
I get it that higher difficulties are more challenging now, but why am I not allowed to use these for seasonal championships? I’m doing these on my own, noone is hurt if I chose a bigger challenge. Whats the point here?

Edit: I used to do seasonal championships on ‘unbeatable’ in FH4, which is now pretty close to ‘expert’ I’d say. But then again I started playing just today, so this might change once I got accustomed to the the new system


I want to race seasonal championships on average difficulty not be forced against highly skilled AI,this is a terrible idea for average skilled players losing all the fun of progression.


I agree with the OP we should be able to increase the difficulty if we choose.


Yes increasing difficulty should be allowed.

I completed the Classic Muscle championship on Unbeatable last night, so i can only play against highly skilled drivatars now? The races will become very boring if that’s true!

EDIT: Wow i just did a seasonal, its now basically time trial, with a bit of traffic on the first half of a lap. Let us set the difficulty higher please!

EDIT2: The Hall Of Fame Accolade for winning road races against unbeatable drivatars, still counts for these seasonal’s even though the drivatars are only forced as highly skilled now :wink:

I agree, setting the difficulty should be mandatory.

I’ve sent a Suggestions/Feedback using this form, just select the suggestions/feedback and add what you like.

I put “The ability to set difficulty for seasonal events has been removed and appears now to be locked to “Very Experienced” - the previous minimum required to get the reward. Please reintroduce the ability to set the difficulty level for these events as currently they may be too easy or too hard for players.”


Thanks for the heads up. I sent a feedback requesting the ability to increase the difficulty from the now default Highly Skilled. That just used to be the minimum skill level for the rewards.

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First of all, there is no “very experienced” AI difficulty.
It’s “highly skilled”. And no, it’s not lowest tier in FH4. Average is lowest difficulty for seasonal championships in FH4 which is two down from Highly Skilled which is required to get all rewards.

I had to go do online races after the muscle event. That was just sad racing against nothing. Way too easy. Mad considering the AI is actually capabke of being fast in this game.

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All difficulty needs an overhaul.

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Agree! But FH5 has a problem with bots difficulty - it’s unstable. In the same class it could jump up and down drastically. I’ve been testing builds on 1min lap and with the same index and car bot’s lap time can vary by 2 sec!!! With the 3:10 result for 3 laps I can be 1 or 4.
And the main draw for me is that I finished FH4 on stock cars on unbeatable and now even on unbeatable I have to find and tune the car for each race cause bots don’t look much on the index of my car - their index can be 30 points higher! And one more thing - they change tires according to surface! If you are on stock tires on a road Lexus you have no chance against the bots on the same car in Dirt races even on an Expert level.

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They have ruined the game for me keeping difficultie that hard on seasonal event’s when I am severely impaired sighted and did love forza now its not worth my time gutted they did not think of ppl like my self

As a casual player, I am a bit annoyed that now I’ve finished all races and having to try championships I can’t adjust the difficulty. I need to lower the difficulty of the drivatars.
Sort it out!

Wrong. In FH4 was “highly skilled”.

They changed it in FH5 now? oh well. Like if the AI wasnt annoying enough. Thanks devs, again, for ruining the game even more lol.
They are getting experts at it.

No they haven’t changed it, you don’t read the posts properly or even play the game anymore. It’s still Highly Skilled, but automatically changes itself.

I think they should allow people to do it on any skill level and still get the rewards. I’ve never had a problem with it personally, but there’s players with certain disabilities like WoodHutDaz, very young players, or people who are just not good at games who play, and I don’t see why they should be left out.

Maybe they could have tiered bonus rewards, so you get the main reward no matter what, but if you do it on a higher difficulty, you earn bonus credits or XP or whatever. Then everyone can get the cars, clothing items etc., and the higher skilled players can get a little extra by cranking the skill level up.

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