Latest Winter Forzathon races already completed

I left my game open, last night, and the season changed to winter while I was AFK.
Checking the new seasonal events, this morning, I found that they were already complete.
Nobody has done these events … they spawned in complete.
Is this happening to everyone?
Is it a glitch?
Was going to do the seasonal events this morning but they can’t be started as they are already complete.
The MB 190E event was doable … the seasonal PR stunts are doable … it’s just the Seasonal Events.

No problems for me. Yeah all of this weeks events and challenges are pretty doable.

The only one I found a nightmare initially was the Hoonigan races (too slippery and no traction) but once I had a tune and snow tyre upgrade it was much better. Was so hard without that tune.

It happened to me at the start of update 34, had bought the Lego extension on wednesday, played it a bit and thursday new update put my summer season fully gold completed without even me playing.

After reading through internet, because support told me I had not the up-to-date version of the game (which I had, but nevermind), I read that my in-game house during the season changing was on Lego Island, so I moved back to my in-game house in Great Britain map waiting for the next season to appear and I didn’t have this problem since !

So check that you are not on in-game house Lego, but on a Great Britain house

have a great day

Thanks, Verda, but I’m in the Edinburgh castle.
Also, just discovered that I CANNOT find a Horizon Life session.