Current Forzathon and/or has it always been this way

Turned on the ol’ xbox and went to do some class rivals.
headed over to the Island and while I was there,
checked to see the daily events for the Forzathon.
Low and behold, there were 3 that I could do…
wait a minute, I had already done 2 of them on the mainland.
Well, I went ahead and completed them and have hit the summer bonus.

Has it always been this way?
I can just go to the expansions and do the same daily events and get to the bonus quicker that way?
or is this just a ‘glitch’?

first edit: just went back to the mainland and checked.
it says I’ve completed everything and yet.
I’ve got 3 daily’s that I can do and I assume get points for.
Have not gone to lego valley and checked there.

2nd edit: hit lego valley, had 3 dailys I could complete. did that
even though the Forzathon summer bonus box has it marked as completed.
went back to the mainland and sure enough, 3 more dailys I could do.
again the summer bonus box has it already as completed.

Checked Festival playlist tab and it is marked as only 5/7 completed.

FYI, I’m on an Original Xbox One. (not an x or s)

I noticed this last night. Was in Lego Valley and kept getting notices of daily tasks that I achieved already. Someone in Reddit said it was a known glitch.

For just this current Forzathon? or past as well?

Nope its all messed up this week
You can go back and forth and keep getting more forzathon points apparently

Its been posted about several times since Friday
There’s a few threads in the “support” section too

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alright. didn’t check that forum.
I’m too far into this class rivals deal to mess around with the Forzathon farming.

That explains a lot. I thought I maybe missed a couple dailys or something, because it usually takes me to Monday to get the bonus, but I somehow got it Friday night.

I was really confused as to what was happening. Guess I have this issue too. Wonder if they’re going to take back any extra FP obtained this way, because I already spent a lot of it before I even knew what was going on.

Dunno if this is another glitch or not, but as an owner of the Ultimate Edition ever since the update I’ve been getting 30 FP instead of 60 FP like I have been.

Go back and make sure you still own the VIP lake house
This is an old issue that seems to reappear with each update

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Wow, that was it! Lol what a weird glitch, and I got 5 free super wheelspins for my troubles. Thank you.

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