Help....something weird's going on!

OK this is the second time this has happened. A new season just started yesterday right? So, I went to Fortune Island and then to Lego Lego Land, and guess what? ALL the seasonal championships are labeled as completed, even though I have yet to tackle them! This is the second time I’ve noticed this. Can anyone shed some light on what’s going on? Why does it say that all my seasonal championships are completed Gold, except for the ones on the mainland, which I actually had to complete?

My Fortune Island has always been completed, I don’t think that PG make new challenges for those, only for the main land.

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Yeah, that’s how it is. Expansion gets seasonal PR stunts but that’s it.

I think the actual “Seasonal Events” and “Trials” change with regard car class each time, but still show as completed before you attempt them.

No, they’re exactly the same.

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