Will TURN10 ever make a Motorcycle Game ?

I’m a massive MotoGP fan as well as car fan and playing Forza5 has prompted me to ask this question…

Will TURN10 ever make a Motorcycling Game ?

I have played every Forza and MotoGP game but this latest incarnation of Forza has definitely raised the bar for all the other developers. Unfortunately as much as i love Milestone they will be hard pushed to match what we have here in forza for quite a while. Physics wise the level of feel is incredible.

So TURN10 please make a Motorcycle game and i’ll be in gaming heaven :slight_smile:

What do you think ? Will it ever happen ?



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Nope it won’t.

As far as we know, T10 doesn’t have any plan for a bike game.


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ive asked a question like this in the past and was shot down in flames!

it would be good to see a decent bike sim on par with forza tbh, ive played moto gps and sbks their ok but a tad arcadey, and never provided a good quality TT circuit, or tuning facility.

This is a great idea. Personally I would like to see Turn 10 make a game similar to what the Sony group from Granturismo did with their TT game. I would buy it and all of it’s DLC.

I have absolutely no interest in Turn 10 making a bike game, and I’d hate to see development wasted on such a project. If they make a bike game, that’s one less car game they could have made.

I don’t ever want to see bikes in a Forza Motorsport game, either.

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I’d love to see bikes in the next horizon game or as a separate bike game

I hope not, I like cars not bikes.

They should just put motorcycles in horizon, It would be cool to see a Supra vs a S1000rr

If they ever make a realistic motorcycle game, I’d pick it up in a heartbeat, because I know the physics and bike sounds will get justice (to a certain degree).

“Forza Biker” or “Forza Motorbike”.

I imagine they already have their hands full with both franchises, though a Forza bike game or even Forza Rally can always be outsourced like they did with Horizon.

I think if they were going to add bikes I think they would have done it from start of forza, as it hasn’t I can’t see it happening now.

Hi guys i don’t see any reason why at some point TURN10 could not include some bikes as well.

The current crop of 2 wheeled games on offer just lack the depth that Forza has to offer, It would be just AWESOME IMHO to se some bikes appear in Forza 7.

Companies like Milestone seem to overlook the online functionality that makes a game like Forza so addictive.

I know some of you die hard car guys don’t agree but if TURN10 bought some bikes in you might be surprised how much FUN it would be :wink:

Here’s hoping ! Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

On revisiting this thread, I believe it’s a tremendously good idea; however, I also feel they ought to work on honing the car audio and physics first before introducing a third game in the franchise. I love bikes and racing and high speed 2-wheeling bring a different kind of adrenaline, though I’d hope to see more city and street races than real-life tracks, if the idea ever materializes.

I sure as hell hope not!!!

Hopefully in FH 3 as DLC and then it’s a buy for me.