Will There Be Downgrade In Forza Motorsport? Will 4K-60 FPS Be Possible With RT On Xbox Series X?

Forza Motorsport is one of the most anticipated games on xbox in this 2023 and a favorite of many.
However, regarding the appearance of the graphics, many doubts are being unleashed.
One of them would be that a downgrade is noticeable in the new trailers and gameplays, well it’s with the naked eye.
The 2022 trailer and gameplay looked great, but now things look different.

And another thing that left you thinking was where is the in-game ray tracing :thinking:, although it will be on PC, where is it on Xbox Series X??
According to my crazy observations, I noticed that RT on XBX was only present in cinematics and garage at 4k-30fps.
And during gameplays it was mysteriously rt off, but it was running at about 4k-60 fps.
You have to take this with a grain of salt, below it says “PRE-RELEASE DEVELOPMENT NOT FINAL QUALITY”.
I also took the task of attaching all the shots with ray tracing so that you can see it for yourselves, I would appreciate it if you could see it and below in a comment I left all my observations and analysis :slight_smile:

Digital Foundry has already covered this off.

Series X will be 4k60 with RT mirrored reflections in gameplay.

T10 also mentioned “non satin surfaces” for rt.

As DF explained, it’s much harder to do rt on satin surfaces than mirrorlike.

My thinking is, while standing still in grid before start things are to be raytraced.
Then as everything moves

  • who cares?
  • maybe as two cars are close in location and speed, but all surroundings should be blur anyway

But reflections of sun on hood and such should be accurate, maybe blinding you substantially. You also saw in demo how cockpit and dashboard had lighting coming and going as you drove.

If a setting for rt, I think I would turn it off. Not a biggy at all. Rather have headroom for calculating how car behaves.


Those were his first impressions when meeting the game running on a PC (in 2022)
And recently John Linneman (digital foundry) on his twitter also commented on that observation of ray tracing off in game, something a bit sad :frowning:

Great observation :clap:, ray tracing is not really necessary in this game, but T10 promoted it as the revolution of graphics leaving other raster technologies behind.

Turn 10 confirmed to IGN in a hands off preview during “E3” that there would only be one graphical mode for Xbox consoles. 4k 60 FPS with ray tracing, and that’s it. No 120 FPS is planned either for competitive reasons.

If they go back on their word, then it will be a massive backlash because of misleading marketing and straight up lying. I could see the RT getting heavily scaled back, but not removed.


This! Exactly, they have been explicit in this respect.

OP just trying to generate clicks on his YT channel.



Colt Eastwood has a new video out.

Mentions talking to Chris and FM will have multiple modes, quality or perf.

Also the footage shown so far has been performance mode: 4k60 with no RT

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He did say that, but that contradicts what Turn 10 told IGN, so something isn’t quite right here. Considering how Turn 10 has marketed the game with a singular vision, I’m having a harder time trusting Colt than IGN in this case.


IGN wouldn’t be high on my list tbh.

One would think that if content creators had time to talk to Chris that more than one would have the resolution/FPS info

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I apologize, I’m not trying to spam, nor do I care about the views, I’m just trying to say that since the last Forza Motorsport showcase possibly T10 made some significant changes for the final game, thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

I hope it is so and they mention it one more time to be sure

Great observation :+1:, hopefully T10 can inform more about the existence of the graphic modes and more things in FM :slight_smile:

It is possible that in some forza monthly (in 1 or more months) we will talk about performance, PC features and Specs

I would usually agree with that as I don’t really trust IGN, but this info was delivered to Ryan McCaffrey who has been on IGN’s Xbox team for a very long time and is well trusted in the industry. He has more and better contacts than Colt for sure.

Here is the video BTW: We Saw Forza Motorsport Gameplay on Xbox Series X: Here's What We Learned - YouTube

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Ah, I did hear that about why no 120fps.

So a month ago, it’s a locked 4k60. No mention of RT.

And from Colt a few days ago it could be DRS 60 with RT. Maybe.


Nice, it’s going to end up being dynamic 4k 60 fps with Ray tracing in gameplay, it’s still impressive

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ColtEastwood makes console war content disguised as “good vibes”. IGN with Ryan has more credibility.

Anyway, we’re in 2023 and studios (not just T10) are still resorting to dynamic scaling, which is last gen’s tech, when AMD’s FSR is available. I could be mistaken if they’re using AMD’s tech, though.

Honestly, an xbox does not have nearly the power required to roll out proper ray tracing and high quality images at the same time. Not even close, no consol does. Nor should they. The avg person isnt trying to spend $6-8k on hardware.

The latest xbox performs the same as a 2080ti± on paper, which is a good achievement for pricepoint. But, i can tell you, having a 2080ti in my old comp, if you run all ultra settings in fh5 or fm7, itll struggle with 2k settings, add ray tracing, it basically crashes. Actual 4k is still a dream on consol without massive upscaling.

There is definitely something funny going on with the specs we are seeing. Something is for sure compromised, or the forgot to put the “*” and fine print in the description lol. What ive seen so far seems like all high fidelity visuals (shaders, field of view, details) have been stripped, but i cant tell if it is just youtube, etc. Video degradation.

About AI tech like DLSS and AMDs kind-of equivalent… it still has a long way to go for most games. I was playing with settings on my new computer (which has a 4090) and the AI frame generation does have tearing and artifacts. It will help those slower systems get the frames up, but quality over native res is certaily not as good for games like forza where you want 144fps. It also matters about how the dev rolled things out.

Anyway, we will see how this goes. Im underwhelmed so far, so im really hoping im wrong.