Ray Tracing

Will it run at 60fps, have t10 cracked the series x and unleashed what it can truly do?

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Not a single doubt it will run at 60fps.
The videos claim 4k as well.
So, 60 fps, Raytracing, 4k, dynamic lighting that at least shows traits of Raytracing (but I think it is something else).
Pure Turn10 wizardry.

That said, imo the graphics don´t look as solid as they used to yet.
Lots of LoD and flickering shadows. Might be cleaned up till release, or they simply go down in resolution a bit (I wouldn´t mind).

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That’s why it will not look like the H5 open world. They would not be able to do that level of detail and have in game ray tracing. I hope there is an option to disable it actually and run 120fps.

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Hehe, I hope there will be a Quality option vs. Resolution.
Better Shadows and LoD instead of 4k. (That said, probably it is already upscaling to 4k, looked very sharp though).
Well, they still have almost a year to optimize anyway.

This is conjecture, but it might use variable rate shading and FSR 2.0. If not , it would explain why it looks similar to FM7 assuming Turn 10 discovering they had substantial headroom with those assets that could accommodate ray tracing with new additional high res photogrammetric environments and a simulated time and weather cycle.

Im assuming since they are pushing the older gen xbox ones out of the way they have alot more graphically they can play with.

One thing I noticed is that the raytracing doesn’t have filtering below a certain ray count. If you look at the screenshot below you can see that those sparse samples (due to the more diffused reflection) are still sharp and shimmer quite a bit. They may have done some clever work to lower the impact of the raytracing to get it to 60fps locked. That said, the Series S is gonna be the interesting one. With the X you can simply lower it to 1440p or 1080p internally and use a form of upscaling like FSR to bring it back up to 4k with minimal losses, but on the S console the base game will already likely be 1080p so it makes me wonder if it might just looks super soft on 4k TVs.


I don’t care about ray tracing as long as it will be a solid 60 FPS. But the game does look good.

Have a gut feeling it will be 4k60 w/ RTX/4K120 w/o RTX

An interesting thing as part of today’s Forza monthly stream; There was a mention of full global illumination with raytracing in “non-racing”. Whether that means replays or if it’s stuff like Forzavista I don’t know. Still, those are both very demanding and I can’t wait to see how it all pans out in regards to resolution.


The only raytracing during gameplay will be mirror-like reflections on car bodies. No ray-traced shadows, ambient occlusion or global illumination. Just sharp, cartoonish mirror reflections. Real cars rarely reflect light like that but it’s flashy to show off. It’s also quite an inexpensive solution so there’s nothing inconcievable in it. The game will run at dynamic 4K with VRS, without anti-aliasing so that it can squeeze in this cheap raytracing solution during gameplay. Of course, they try to sell it as some kind of miracle. It is indeed a nice thing to have but nothing miraculous.

Forza Motorsport June 2022 Update


Q: Does Forza Motorsport on Xbox Series X|S feature Ray Tracing?

A: Forza Motorsport features real time ray tracing on track.

Q: How does Forza Motorsport perform on Xbox Series X|S?

A: Forza Motorsport runs at 4K 60 FPS on Xbox Series X; and on 1080p 60 FPS on Xbox Series S.

Real cars also don’t reflect a low resolution approximation of their environment.

Anyway, real cars do have pretty sharp reflections, and we’ve already seen in the trailers that the cars can still get dirty too and revert back to more rough (non RT) reflections. I’d say its definitely worth it to allow cars to reflect their own bodywork which is an essential element of car shading.

Also, a side note in response to some other comments in this thread. Sharp raytraced reflections are not as expensive as you might think. They’re definitely not cheap, but assuming you could hit 4k 120fps just by turning it off is a bit of a stretch. It would probably be more feasible to hit 1440 120fps with raytracing tbh.

And when it comes to comparing lod popin to forza horizon. Remember that horizon targets 30fps and its 60fps mode has its fair share of lod issues.