Ray Tracing - Too much fuss about nothing

It seems Ray Tracing is not all that’s cracked up to be, at least in the latest Forza entry. Either this feature isn’t well implemented in the game or the Series X simply can’t handle it.

When I first started the game, the first visual mode I chose was ‘Performance RT’, and I kept telling myself it looked good. Not really… That’s until I switched to ‘Performance’ and saw the game come to life with gorgeous visuals.

Apparently, the graphics take a huge hit in terms of resolution when RT is active and “variable resolution”, as they say, isn’t as good as you might think.

The trade off to select Ray Tracing simply isn’t worth it if it means losing the 4K resolution you’ll get with Performance mode.

If you have Performance RT selected, just try to use Performance (4K with 60FPS) and see the difference for yourself.

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I think that’s the answer.

RT is incredibly expensive even at nominal levels like that actually implemented.

Luckily for me, I’m on a 32in monitor so 1440p60 with RT is perfect.

But if I was playing on a 4k TV? Yeah I’d definitely go for the 4k60 mode.

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Yeah, playing on a 58", so it makes a huge difference. They should highlight that in the performance description.

RT reflections look straight up bad. I wish they would allow us to use RTAO without the reflections.

Turned RT off because it is such low quality in 4k with DLAA, so it is not my resolution.

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