Will cheaters ever be banned?

i just watched someone who was WAY behind me in Custom Online blow past me at an inconceivable speed just before the finish line, thus dropping me down to second place. couple that with toxic racers purposely attempting to ram or drive others into the wall or make them miss checkpoints has made this kind of event frustrating and not worth the effort. at this point i am half tempted to download cheat engine for myself and use it for these online events (i won’t) since it is clear that this kind of behavior is allowed and seemingly encouraged.

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will software ever be save?

  1. Part of the issue can be lag and/processor lag.
  2. The game server scan for programs, like CheatEngine… if they are cheating, it’s not something so commonplace.
  3. Poor drivers are a Bain of all online racing. I, generally, just bow out and move on. This time of year, there are a lot of immature players. The bulk will get bored and move on.
  4. Build a group with decent players. Use convoy options (there are also boosts to convoys).

Random joins will net you random results.

  1. Utilize the PC or console ability to record and save races, so you can help the community ID cheaters and poor sportsmans.

I believe PGG crack down on exploiters but have no handle on cheaters or bugs/issues that may appear as cheating. Every single leaderboard is a clear example of this. So if you ever want to know the status of cheats/bugs/issues just look there.

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Just reported someone I saw on the Trial. Has a prestige of 10 - 2999 but less than 4 days of accumulated playing time.


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I saw one user who was banned for “A class ramming and speed hacking”.

First, the order in which they chose to list those apparent offences speaks volumes. Second, they got 1 week for this offence - one week for supposed speed hacking??? Third, they weren’t speed hacking anyway, just fast, so PGG clearly had no idea what they were doing.

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Please report the player in game or in a ticket… I dont think it should be discussed here.

I’ve reported every hacker I find and confirm on leaderboards. Pull their creative hub and check level, etc.
Still there.
Nothing. Will. Ever. Happen.

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As far as I can see, the only way to make them act is with a large number of regular players actively reporting hacked accounts & cheaters. We can’t organize such activity here, so the only option would be to take it to another platform.

The caveat… if you take it to another platform, how do you attract other frustrated players & how does such a group not then become a hate group, where reports are simply ignored?

Catch 22.

Result… nothing changes.


Bottom line: are they exploiting the game at will at the cost of other players trying to legitimately enjoy & play the game as intended? Yes.
I agree with reporting through proper channels, but I also think open discussions on these types of forums are part of their function; not to create “hate groups”, but as an open voice.
As far as I’m concerned, those who choose to openly & blatantly cheat the game lose their right to “privacy”.