Why would you race with a fast car that doesn't handle over a car that does handle?

Just curious, it seems a little stupid to me is all.


This is usually what kids want. They upgrade the cars to the max, so that they can drive as fast as possible (not that max upgrades always makes the cars faster). They don’t care about handling. They just enjoy crashing into walls–or other drivers–going really fast.

Some drivers also enjoy driving fast, hoping that their high speed will make up for the bad handling in the turns. This works better on some tracks, but not so good on others. It’s a preference. Like you, I don’t see the point. I love driving a car that handles well. :slight_smile:

well I have seen some people use muscle cars and do better then me in a handling car, but they were very good drivers.
so I think people see that & think that looked easy & then find its harder then it looks.

I feel it’s better not to work hard at keeping a car on the track.

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I like the zen of learning to control a powerful car with suspect handling. Take the Shelby 427 S/C Cobra for instance. If you try and drive that like a well handling car you’ll spend a bunch of time facing the wrong way. But if you focus, are patient, and learn to drive within its limitations before pushing them it’s incredibly rewarding and fun (though certainly a good bit of work).

Most choose faster cars over handling cars because you can tune a fast car to handle. This said I have learned that it all depends on which track you’re racing on.
I once read on here that the most important corner in the race is the one before the longest straightaway.

I said that, but the actual quote is the most important corner is the “fastest” corner that leads to the longest straightaway.

Anyway, I like heavy high horsepower cars for the challenge. cars that handle perfectly are boring.

Simple, because it’s fun.

Why the heck would I wanna run a Lotus around a track when I can run a Venom GT or an Ultimate Aero and test my ability to control an out of control car? Cars that handle well are usually pretty boring to drive compared to cars where I have to babysit the throttle and precise steering is the difference between a record and an instantaneous crash…

Heck, the only thing that’s kept me off of GTA V this past week has been trying to master my Hellcat replicar on various tracks. I enjoy driving it not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Hey, I sounded like JFK for a second there…

The car must be built also in respect of other drivers … An example, Nuerburgring, sometimes you find yourself in front of these riders who enjoy driving with cars getting sideways, this does slow down because you take all the space of the whole track, then if misfortune to inadvertently touch the car of one of these characters, more often than not swear all the time and the following races are trying in every way to take revenge … An invitation, if you want to show off, play GTA 5, they also have the ability to shoot!!
PS, sorry for mistakes, use Google translator.

I’m not sure how to put this, but here goes. I use all real world assist with simulation steering. I can understand the beast like Speed 12 and Venom being difficult regardless of what assist are being used.
When using a Zonda R or a F50 GT it shouldn’t be. Super cars such as these should perform a lot cleaner and be more spontaneous with response.

mate, you mention sim steering in practically every post you make on here. I promise you, you’re barking up the wrong tree. I use sim steering with every car. Cars with loads of horses and hardly any handling, still use sim steering. It doesn’t require any more talent than normal steering. It makes you about .2 faster, IMO. If you’re struggling to control power cars while using sim steering, i can only advise you to get better.

Sorry Koga, but I have to disagree. Both the Zonda and the F50 are awesome cars, even stock! The biggest mistake people make is expecting any car to do what it can’t. You have to understand the car, it’s strengths and weaknesses, and drive it accordingly.

MOST of the time, all else being equal, handling will trump power, as it will be faster overall. That said, I have numerous friends who can take a 1000HP muscle car and hand you your tailpipe every time!

I also agree with the “fun factor” posted by others. Stuffing as much motor as I can into a Boss 429 Mustang and muscling it around Road Atlanta is a blast! I certainly wouldn’t do it in a public lobby or other organized event where it could and probably would ruin someone else’s race, but racing with my friends who are doing the same just for fun makes for some of the most entertaining racing in the game.

Are we talking normal steering without assists and damage off. Lets be real for a second or how ever long it takes you to read this. Without the normal steering assist the faster cars would be unmanageable or if you’re not a great driver. Are they really able to drive the cars or do they need help. I’m not going to lie I need help even using my favorite car but if I can’t drive it with the assist I do use it ain’t happening.

I don’t use any assists and always use sim steering. Most of my friends are the same, though a few use TCS and ABS on occasion. Nothing wrong with using assists if it makes the game more enjoyable for you.

there is nothing hard about sim steering in FM4. Normal actually seems harder because the cars turn worse.

As for your original point, if you’re a pretty decent driver that is fairly consistent, you’ll be able to torch a lobby in a higher hp car on many tracks. Its been like that since FM2 and is the same story in FM5 as well. Granted, there is an extreme where too much hp is just not good if too many equal caliber drivers are in the lobby.

Fast cars on fast tracks will always win. You put a Venom or an Aero up against GT2 cars on something like Road America, and no matter how high the GT2 cars overall speed is, when it comes to those long straights, they’re not going to get near the two I mentioned. Heck, tune a Porsche 997 GT2 up and see what it can do against GT2 racers.

I do love great handling cars though, my overall favourite in the game is the Tesla, which corners like it’s on rails, even with all that torque.

for all the people that say they don’t use normal steering I’m still seeing a lot that do. Just saying.

So that makes you better than them? Lol

And you know this how?? I don’t think there’s any way you can tell what steering mode people are using.

Really? Maybe I misspoke about how many people. When people join my lobby I can find out right away if they use normal steering. I’ve had to change my lobby title for said drivers.