Why would you race with a fast car that doesn't handle over a car that does handle?

That is from Forza 5 multi-class race. The pink Ferrari with the green wheels was bragging before the race about how well his car handles on this track (the rest of the cars are a lower class). My mustang has a handling of 4.5, but speed, accel, and launch are all 10s. In this 1 lap race, I beat him by around 20 seconds. I left the road once, because I did not know it was the new Le Sarthe with the chicanes and I braked late on the first one. This is a high speed track where being faster is better than being great at handling. Making a car like this is ok if you can handle it, but if you’re going to wallride, then you need help. On this track and others with long straights and sweeping turns, this car rules. On a shorter track or one with a lot more turns like the ring, this car would make me struggle to keep up with others. It alll depends on the track and your driving ability, then sometimes a fast car with poor handling can be a good thing.

I understand that. If I use the Spd 12 it’s on Le Sarthe. Even with it’s low numbers it’ll still run some pretty low times for me that is.

It’s just fun, really. You can also hit some amazing and unexpected times just by experimenting. For example, there’s a build for the Ultima GTR in R2 with 951 HP and drag tires, so it’s obviously a massive acceleration car, but even with that build I’ve gotten mid 1:40s on Catalunya, 1:32s on Hockenheim, etc. It’s mainly about the fun and challenge for me though :slight_smile:

to feel the power shift to the rear of your car as you step on the gas. to rip out of a corner only to see the back end fly out as you fly onto the straight. yea, u could of went with the sport tires but it just wouldn’t seem as fun. It’s preference. why would you go with a car with less handling but more horsepower… Why do you go with a car with better handling but less horsepower? To carve through corners holding on for dear life, watching all the dummy muscle cars crawl through the apex. The feeling as your car “sticks” and knowing you have absolute total control of your vehicle and the lines you take. It’s just preference. you can make fast horsepower dominated cars and you can make fast cornering cars but neither choice is “dumb.”

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This is the truth. Well said and well played.

When you say “fast” cars, I assume that you mean those with high power and top end speed. What of cars with high rates of acceleration for tracks with a lot of tight bends? Just a quick question for a relative Forza newcomer… What is the difference between acceleration and launch? They would appear to describe the same thing. Would these characteristics be more important the top speed in most cases?


I’m glad you brought this up. So many leaderboard cars are built based solely on acceleration, and here’s the reason why: The PI developing in the game allows it to happen. The track on which PI is determined has such a long straightaway that the game values top speed more than it should. So, by creating a car with crazy high horsepower but stock gears (mainly Lotuses here) you can get a car that hardly tops out on any tracks it’s useful for, and it gets down the straights faster than some cars in the next class up. Try building the 789 or (790) PI 2-Eleven for R3, then put a race transmission in it. The PI goes up by a crazy amount. To put a long story short, you can put a ton of power for acceleration into a car at a very small price in PI as long as the car can’t reach ludicrous top speeds. The low price in PI also allows room for better handling upgrades.

As for acceleration vs. launch, acceleration just determines how quickly your car… Well, accelerates. Launch mainly describes the speed of the car off a launch from a standing start and its ability to gain traction quickly. I’ve also noticed that this stat somewhat contributes to corner exit speed and how well it can put the power down off an apex. All that being said, I’ve had cars with 7.0 acceleration beat cars with 8.0 acceleration by miles, so don’t take what the game’s stats say with a grain of salt. Just put it on the track if you want real results!

Launch has more to do with grip off the line. All wheel drive cars have better launch because they have better grip 0-60 & 0-100 has more to do with better acceleration out of tight hair pens. Launch can also be controlled by cold tire pressure. Why do you think the rear tires pressure on drag cars are so low more grip means better launches.

He’s talking about the actual stats the game gives you. Benchmark stats don’t affect your launch rating, nor do any tune settings.

Not really, off the line your tires will always spin they just spin less with awd cars. After you’ve finished building your car to suit your needs and when you begin tuning the car stats rarely change. So who knows if the stats are better or not. The only way you can tell is while you’re driving it. The best setup and tune are pointless if you don’t know how drive.

Why would you race with a fast car that doesn’t handle over a car that does handle?

You answered your own question.

If you build a car that has 6.4 speed and 7.0 handling, and you don’t know how to drive, you will get beat by people who built cars with 4.2 handling and 8.0 speed who do know how to drive.

Like I said, tunes do not affect your launch stat. Only the build does.

Honestly I like the challenge. But I usually buy all the suspension and handling upgrades for a given car. I want that control. Power with out control is well… out of control. LOL. I have few cars that I like to drive purely for the challenge; Fully upgraded Land rover, GMC Van (painted to look like the A-Team van), The Mercedes C63 AMG Black. The Land Rover and the Van are top heavy, but I love the torque each of them has. The Merc is notoriously a wild car to drive, but if I can control the power it’s a thrill to drive.

I have some cars that maxed out c-class. All I’ve done to them is suspension mods and what ever performance upgrades I can throw in to stay in the class. The Datsan 510 in one example. Even though it’s slower I can drive it right to the edge and that’s fun.

It really comes down to personal preference.

Good question. For me, I love muscle cars! I was amazed to see the Dodge Omni GLH. There’s no better feeling sometimes to take a 4 banger hatchback any blowing the doors off million dollar sports cars.