Why is the [car model] is omitted from the game?

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Hi! As a Hellcat fan, I heard that you prefer the Challenger over the Charger. Why do you do that?

Hellcat is in forza motorsport 6.

But i think the sedan looks better.

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T10 has said there will be over 450 cars in Forza Motorsport 6, of which only a little over 100 have been announced. The Charger Hellcat may be announced down the road or it could be DLC. Time will tell.


Oh no. Does this mean the Hellcat requests are not over yet lol


Unfortunately not -__-

The Hellcats are basically the new GT86/BRZ on here


To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if Charger Hellcat would replace the current SRT8. But if not I’m not going to miss it whole lot.

How ever, I never requested it, but I’m pretty happy that we got the challenger in here.

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We still have room for the car unveiling down the line. Don’t panic.

There’s only been a little over 100 cars officially revealed. We still have 300+ cars to be revealed until the game is released. Just be patient and my guess is the Charger Hellcat will be in the game as well.

The original 71’ Challenger was my breaking point for Forza 5. I combed through that car list a million times… I studied every single leaked image, and it was just in one photo that I found it, visible in the Rear view mirror in one picture. This was my confirmation that the car was in the game. As of release date, it was still not listed as content in any of the car packs.

Needless to say, I was heartbroken… No Nordschliefe, no 71’ Challenger, completely heartbroken…

When I saw the picture, and was told that Nurburgring would be released later in the cycle, my mind was at ease. This was based on SOLID information provided by Turn10, on the Forza Website.

Wait until Gamescom, because they have to be able to reveal more stuff there, otherwise, why even show up. They also need to allow for media groups to cover the story, since they have made numerous advertising deals, and in order to get them, they need to offer exclusive details.

If everyone here already knows 100% of the car list, it is not news.

Considering that the Hellcat Challenger and the Charger, are almost Identical platforms, I would think it is safe to assume, that they just need to model the car, and that 95% of the physics model would be accurate for the Charger… meaning it makes sense to have the car in the game… and that if it delays release, that it being DLC makes even more sense.

I like both the Challenger and the Charger whether we’re talking about old muscle or new. If they have to omit the SRT8 Charger to make room for the Hellcat version I won’t be pleased though.

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Considering they already have the new gen R/T modelled from the fast and the furious game I wouldn’t be surprised if it made it in Motorsport 6. Even if not the hellcat I’m sure that body style will be in the game. Like many said only around 100 cars out of 450 have been confirmed so lots of surprises still to be seen.

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These were either in F4 and F5/H2 but have since disappeared on the announced F6 list.

Why can’t they just port these over (especially the F5/H2 cars)?

Can’t disappear if the game’s finalized list isn’t known.


Well the 2006 Z06 wasn’t in either Forza 5 or FH2 so I’d be surprised if we see it. We already have the 2002 Z06, 2009 ZR1’ 2015 Z06 and the 1995 ZR1 in addition to the classic C1, C2 and C3 vettes. I agree that the more Corvettes the better. I am a bit surprised the 2014 Corvette Stingray is not announced so far. This was one of the most requested cars for Forza 5 and took a while to get once the licence for Sony ended. The C7 Stingray is one of my favourite cars so I really hope it’s in the game. Also would like to see the new C7-R. Anyhow there is two more weeks of reveals so hopefully it’s announced soon.

The answer’s going to be the same for all models up to the full car reveal and after release. As johniwanna said during Tuesday’s live stream, maybe it’s a licensing issue. Maybe even the FH2 and FM5 cars need to be tweaked for sound or graphics in rain. Maybe given limited time there’s a higher priority for other car models. Maybe the car model in question doesn’t fit the game’s creative vision. Maybe it will be in a future DLC pack.

Until T10 does something unusual by addressing the reasons why a specific model was delayed or left out, post your request to the Forza 6 Car Wish List thread stickied at the top of the forum.


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