Why am I out of space?

So this must be something relatively new to these games. My game is now telling me that I do not have room to save any more liveries. Really??? Why in the hell am I limited to what I can download and how much I can save to MY XBOX? The same thing happened with Horizon2 and I ended up having to delete some really awesome cars to make room for new ones.

I’d say, if your going to persuade someone into playing a game where creating user created content is a mainstay of the game in the first place, then why are you limiting how much content can actually be created?


Well…the way I see it, every person has a limited(yet equal) amount of space. downloaded data doesn’t save to your local xbox, it saves to a cloud server. It only makes sense to limit our saves, not enough room on the servers to have more than the limit. Imagine having unlimited space, multiplied by however many people play the game, multiplied by how many forza motorsports and forza horizon games there are, servers would be crashing every second!

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Good explanation Tabb. AND GeeBee, as he explained, it saves in the cloud, not “in the hell” as you contended.

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It’s not strictly cloud space or even local space related - i say this because i hit the tune limit in FM5 and FM6 with the size of my save games being 57mb and 117mb respectively.

My Fallout 4 save game on the other hand is 2gb which is more than 10 times the size of both of my Forza saves combined. If Fallout (a non MS studio developed game) can be 2gb then so should FM5 or FM6.

If i could save 10 times the amount of tunes or even just 5 times the amount i wouldnt be even close to the limit even with all the tunes ive deleted to make space for and i’d be a happy camper, but alas I’m not.

What makes no sense is how big could a saved tune possibly be that a ridiculously small limit of 300/500 is necessary in the first place. A tune merely needs to be a record of what parts have been upgraded and a handful of numbers for things like tire pressure, camber, brake bias, differential etc. Couldn’t possibly be more than 1k required as when people “open source” a tune they are able to do this by simply listing the parts and numbers in a handful of typed lines.

I find it hard to believe that T10 don’t have the ability to devise an optimal way to save tunes that allows for more than 500 in this day of age, yet Mr Joe Monkeypants using nothing but his hands and spare time can type the equivalent data for 500 tunes into a word document thats probably a thousandth the size of a Forza save.

Morale of the story, monkeys with typewriters are better than Forza cloud saves today :slight_smile:

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So whats the limit, as I have over 210 car designs saved in both FH2 & F6 but I delete the forza save design once my car is ready for share, made hundreds of logos, but I save my logos in groups upto 3,000 layers per save, they not one logo saved on its own, no message popped up for me about can’t save anymore in FH2/F6.

I really want to say it’s 500. I’m pretty sure. I hit it last week.

One advantage that I believe exists, and this is something I want to try out tomorrow, is that if you have a design you like in FM5 and/or FH2 (let’s use the Warsteiner DTM E30 M3 as an example), you can just get it from your synced designs and it won’t count as one of your 500 FM6 designs. So same Warsteiner design, and you can make another design free of charge. EDIT: WRONG, see below.

I believe tunes function the same way with the same limit, except, it’s obvious that a design will carry over unharmed. An A700 tune in FM5 will probably not be A700 in FM6.

Edit: Ninja’d. :slight_smile:

Just checked, this is wrong. Importing the file will take up one of the 500 designs you have allocated.

500 files per type.
10 for Replays.

Thanks, am ok for a while.

Omg aliens are playing FM6!

500 tunes is an absurdly low number. If you’re serious, you might have a specially tailored tune for each track in a number of cars, which would quickly destroy that number. If I have limited space on the cloud, at least let me manage my data so I can hold onto things locally and decide what get sent out to my limited online space.

300 tunes is the limit. 300 for liveries as well is what I’ve read. http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst39950_Tune-file-limit.aspx

Forza 5 a 300 limit. I swear forza 6 is 500.

I would be fine a 500 file limit if didn’t to get into each car to delete tunes. They really need to just have some kinda list to scroll through. The system is such a pain in the backside. I just make a new account.

I was told I was out of space after 300 tunes.

I was the OP on your link. I was referring to forza 5 having 300 limit. This thread was started before forza 6 came out and was one of my biggest concern.

The game limit of 500 liveries doesn’t work with a game that has more cars than saves.Not only that but to go through all your saved designs to find one or two out of 400 to 500 unfileable or car specific is a real pain!