Who misses the old way of Forza Horizon and feels this just doesn't cut?

That’s right people i said it I miss the old way of Horizon already this new one just doesn’t seem to cut it for me i was expecting it to be a little bit more challenging I mean that’s what we were promised also to see never before seen cars in Horizon but it’s the same old stuff with updated graphics i looked at everyone’s post for wish list and a lot of the cars would have been awesome to have in the game or potential DLC. So what i mean by being more challenging is that i was expect the game to have a story to it just like the first one did I mean yes you are going after that guy’s Championship Title in Horizon but lets face it “to easy to get to him literally one day of game play” definitely disappointing. I hope i ain’t the only one that feels this way i mean literally i feel as soon as the game is popped in game beaten you are basically playing just to earn as much credits as possible to buy cars and upgrade them. I almost feel ripped off which is sad to say I love forza but this Thank God Bungie has Destiny out.

lol nope, have fun with Destiny. Its a massive train wreck.




This, this and THIS!!!

This, though. Made my entire day. It basically is the same game, with some new features and updated, beautiful and mind-blowing graphics. That’s perfect to me. This game has been a blast and love it.

But this quote though… Made my day, honestly. Much fail. Such wow. I bet if this guy went back and played FH1 now, he’d be all like:

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LOL!!! Classic!

Destiny? lol Of all comparisons you choose Destiny? Ironically Destiny might be the only game more disappointing than FH2 out right now.


I enjoy horizon 2, certainly way more than the first.

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Not me!

Been playing H2 around a friends house and it runs rings around H1 in most every way, I enjoyed it so much I brought a XO copy on my way home.

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I love FH2 and it is so much more fun than FH1. Love the improvements they made. If you think Destiny is better please go enjoy that train wreck of a game. I stopped playing two week ago. If you want to talk about something lack luster Destiny is your game.


You must have a 360.

OP, please get your negative nuggets outta my awesome sauce game please. That is all.

Wow, just wow.

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He’s got a point… This off road freerome made them drastically change the physics of the cars… Which is why you can drive your f50 off road. But this change in the physics make all the cars feel kinda the same. The cars have lost there personalities. And yes it is stupid to have 168 championships where the last is the exact same as the 1st. No class differentation, or progression is a bummer. Your only goal to get the achievement is the achievement, not enjoy beating the game AND you get an achievement. I feel your pain. Stop hating on the haters who hate hating.

I cant agree with the OP, this game is levels above the First.

Really enjoying it!

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If it is too easy, turn up the difficulty.

On a serious note, here’s an analogy for you. FH2 is like going on a month long holiday to southern France and Italy to visit your rich friend who has a fleet of cars for you to enjoy during your stay. You had so much fun you stayed for a year!

But then you have Forza Motorsports for diehard serious racers. This game is their work and passion; they are the CEO, CFO and CIO all rolled into one. Do they love tinkering, micromanaging every little detail? Of course they do! They are awesome at it.

Fans of both Forza series we have the best of both worlds!!!

I guess I don’t get the OP’s “beating the game” viewpoint. That’s not really why most people play driving games. It’s not a story driven, see the ending, now you’re done kinda thing. It’s about driving different roads in different cars, mastering tracks, cars, and techniques, and spending time on the road and in races. If you just want to “beat the game”, by all means, return it the next day and get something else you can recycle through.