When Will The Series Updates Stop?

When will the series updates cease?

I 've played FH4 since pre-release and feel like it’s gone on long enough, especially as FH5 is out soon.

At least FH3, you only had to pop in for a few minutes to complete the weekly challenge, but it can take hours with FH4 and seems such a chore now, after 3 years, with no real benefit other than the gold monthly card.

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I just don’t bother anymore, there’s nothing new to miss out on. To be honest the first week I didn’t complete it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and when I do play it now it’s on my terms rather than pointless grind.


Yeah, I think I might have to do that myself. As you say, it a popintless grind but when you have low-level OCD, it kinda makes it hard to let go. LOL

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Yep, it bugged the hell out of me for a few weeks but in the end decided there are better things to do with my time. Do it, you’ll find it liberating! :smiley:

It probably has already stopped. They can automate it easily.

On the one hand, it’s liberating. I have my Thursdays back, which is nice. But on the other hand, I kindof want to play, but there’s nothing to do that I haven’t already done. In Horizon 2 and 3, there’s at least a bunch of unfinished championships that I can pop in once or twice a month, and do those. Maybe put in some Rivals time. But Horizon 4, all I can do is just pick a random race and do that. There’s not much “structured”, I suppose, for lack of a better term, to accomplish in the game.

The updates did stop ages ago. Its already automated. Every season will pick random old rewards. I barely play these days, there is nothing to do anymore. Experienced players are bored to death. And the game did become a beginner themed park since time ago.

Stopped playing a while back and haven’t missed it at all [Mod Edit - profanity removed - MM]

I enjoyed 100%'ing FH2 near the start of the year more than anything I played of FH4 in that same time.

From a content perspective it looks like it will be delivered the exact same way in FH5.


The current season will be my last season before as short break and then onto FH5. I was thinking of finishing up after the last content update in June but I thought I would do the last two to 100 per cent even though I have everything now in the game. A kind of final swan song with the English setting.

From the Lets Go recent stream it looks very similar apart from the fact they have added points as opposed to percentages and each task now states the points you collect and the overall points to the old 50 and 80 per cent.

I did see that they have added the eliminator as a new weekly task on top of everything else and another new task which means some seasons might be a grid (I don’t really enjoy the eliminator).

I was looking at that… not a big fan of eliminator etc. as often too based on map knowlege for pickups etc. so unless you play it a lot, you’re basically cannon fodder.

Anyhow… Single player events

Championship 1 5pt
Championship 2 5pt
Championship 3 5pt
Rivals 4pt
Daily 7pt
Weekly (Drive some random car etc.) 5pt
Speed Trap 2pt
Speed Zone 2pt
Trial Blazer 2pt
Photo 2pt

That gets to 39 pt assuning you hit the dailies.


Arcade 3pt
Coop Championship 3pt
PGG 3pt
Eliminator (2 in 2 mins) 2pt
Elininator top 30 2pt
Trail ???

The second car is 42 points so only 3 pt needed from multiplayer if you do all the single player.
Hoping to do OK with the Arcade, Coop and Trail to limit damage from the odd missed daily.
Eliminator not too bad if just come in the top 30, through elimiate 2 cars in 2 mins… really depends on luck

I have all the cars in FH4 now except the late hot wheel pack so no reason to do the festival play list.
Can’t decide if I should get HW for completion, or forget it… First World problems