Championships in FH4

Hi everyone,

regarding to every Stream and Video i saw about FH4.
It seems that the Championships and therefore the “heavy” Grind for the 100% completion is something that is not coming in FH4.

Anyone have any other News?
How do you feel about that change (If so)


That would be quite a big change, if so. I had mixed feelings about the Championships; I think they were a good way to add some variety and give you a reason to have several races in a row. I think lots of one-off races might get a bit stale. But for me personally, there were far too many off-road and trail-type championships in Horizon 3. Would be interesting to see what the replacement is.

There is an achievement called Well Seasoned (Complete a Season Championship and receive a reward.) linked to a Championship so they are not gone.
Regarding the complete every championship like in FH3 and FH2. I don’t think is a bad idea they left those out this time.
Definitely the 100% on FH4 will be a walk in the park this time. Which I don’t mind ether.

I’ve been reading on reddit that there is just one championship per season.

I do hope you can create a championship series in Blueprint. Streamers seem to think they are non existent.

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In the horizon life, there is seasonal events (that change every week). some of these events appear to be championship with 2-3 races.
So you should be able to do some championships (but probably you will not grind championships as much as in FH3) > maybe to allow players to spend more time for online adventures.

I’m curious. Does every race route have both an exhibition and championship like in FH3?

Or are championships involving a series of races just a seasonal thing?

I’m about 10 hours in to the game but I have yet to see a Championship has anyone come across one?also it seems there’s no incentive to buy new cars because I have used the same one in every race so far.So it takes the need away to purchase any cars.

Hi so does anyone know how to make a championship blueprint because I can’t find a way to do it. Is the ability to make custom championships coming in a future update or do I have to unlock it?

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There is something coming later this month I think the 25th about blueprints

I would like to know as well.

That’s the Route Creator, to make custom tracks.

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I personally never played championship to grind or anything like that, I just liked playing them as a way to switch off, you know to drive to listen to music that kind of thing. The good thing about championships is you have direction. What I mean by that is instead of doing a race and then looking at the map thinking “hmm… what do i do now ?” you have a list of races to do and when done do another championship all the while having a great time driving and having fun what I’m saying is it adds structure. Besides weather, you are doing an endless stream of championships or an endless stream of exhibitions you’re grinding either way. and also I did the gauntlet yesterday and got 50 grand in credits and that route only goes from one side of the map to the other, imagine if the gauntlet went around the whole map as a circuit and when the route creator comes out you will be able to make a route that goes around the map two and a half times and to top it off people are farming influence from mixer, I’m doing it right now as I type this and people are also grinding with the drag races.

So to the dev’s on behalf of all the people who like doing Championships and making custom championships please consider giving us these tools back because they were a lot of fun.


Yes yes yes

I’m gutted at the absence of championships. Crazy to have got rid of these!

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I couldn’t see a bug post stickied so I decided to make a new post.

Saddened with the removal of a championship on each location (unless then release in a later season or something lol) this game appears to have 10% of the single player content of Horizon 2, however the championships we DO have give nice rewards, or so I thought. After going through them beating them on the difficulty it requested it would list as “Completed” however I never saw the super wheelspin I’m supposed to get. I even spent a large chunk of today trying to beat the co-op championship and when I finally got into a good team we stormed through and claimed the 2-0. However, once again, never got the rewards. I play on Expert / pro depending on my car so I know my difficulty setting is high enough, and I won the events, just never got the wheelspin. Robbed of 163 championships with 4 races each and robbed of rewards!

Sorry the post is a little emotional. Just a little gutted with the sheer lack of offline races.

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Thank god. I hated the grind in FH3. That was just ridiculous how many times you had to play a location. I enjoyed doing random things more, which I think FH4 allows for.

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Is there any way to start a championship? It was my favourite way to play in FH3 and I was really excited to try it in 4 being able to hit up multiple seasons in a single championship series, but there is no option that I can find.

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In forza horizon 4 are there more festivals to unlock like in forza 3 and how many exhibition races do you race before any championships unlock.

Answer is no. Only one festival site. 70 races only, split into 5 categories. Technically you increase your level in those categories, and that replaced the festivals.

Either I’m blind as a mole or PG removed the possibility to create custom championships too. I wanted to chain some road roundcurses and sprints for a championship via the blueprints but just can’t find a way to do it. Maybe it’s some hidden feature like the option to edit blueprints only becomes available after one has 5 blueprints for a specific race?

This another feature of H3 that I really miss in H4. I enjoyed making my own championships and testing a bunch of different cars on them. I really dislike the seasonal championships as they are generally in cars and classes I don’t want to drive and on courses I don’t want to race. That said the new retro rally C class autumn championship is a blast and right in tune with stuff I like to do. I expect to do this several times before the season changes in every retro rally available. I will reluctantly finish the others with no enthusiasm. Then again maybe not :slight_smile:

Nope, the only championships are the 3 to 5 season championships each week.