Next series start date

I have searched all over the internet, and can’t find the answer. Does anyone know when the next series starts? I need to get the achievement for all 8 cars in a series, but I keep missing it. Anyone know when it is? Thanks


Upcoming Summer season / series start dates:
May 5th
June 2nd
June 30th
July 28th
August 25th

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I was referreing to Forza Horizon 4. I need to get the achievement for that game where you complete all 8 cars for the 4 seasons in a series. I don’t know when the next series starts for that. I did try and post on their Facebook page, but didn’t get any response. Thanks.

I was going to reply there but then it got moved here before I could. Probably going to get moved back before I type this up here lol :wink:

Current FH4 Series is on its last day today as I type this so, good timing on going for the completion. But… unless they fix the missing challenge / insufficient points issue from the last series for this next one I don’t see it being possible.

Tomorrow, May (edited brain fut) 5, ‘should’ be the start of FH4 Series 47 (?) with Summer kicking it off.

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Hey. I did everything this month and I am at 94%.

Is it possible to complete?

Will the next month be like this?

Yeah, missing photo (?) challenge(s) messed up the points making 100% impossible. Here’s hoping it returns to normal tomorrow with the new series but no idea.

No more new seasonal events on Horizon 4

Source ?

The game itself, today marked the last day of weekly rewards

The game will most likely be delisted in october 4 years after it first released. If you own the game no problem you can keep uising it and purchased DLC and redownload it if needed.
If you play on gamepass you will get the option to buy it cheap before delisting.

After delisting it will not be available for sale to new customers ever again’licensing deals with car manufacturers and stuff are to blame for that)

Urm, my bad, its the Forzathon shop that closes down, not the events just yet.

Ah, well that’s disappointing too. Less and less reason to go back to FH4. Just call it doa guys and sunset it instead of this death by a thousand cuts.

They’re trying to pull people back to FH5 even though FH4 is the better game.


It looks like this month is all back to normal and completion will be possible. Unless I’m missing something. Barring bugs of course.

Looks like it should be doable this month, all seems back to normal.

Hopefully not another month wasted.

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