Series History Completions Lost?

Looking back into my Series history for this discussion (a FH4 question, originally posted here, but moved to FH5 by mistake) :

…I noticed that a lot of my previous Series challenge completions are suddenly marked as not completed. It seems kind of random. Some but not all Stunt completions undone. Some Trial completions undone. Some but not all Season Events undone.

Just bizarre…

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The whole FH4 series - current and past, have been nerfed for a while.
Looks like they’re too busy dealing with the mountain of FH5 bugs that exist - though they still seem to work on the less important ones ( visuals, car noises ) rather than the ones that actually affect gameplay - same as they do (or at least used to) in FH4.
The current series has been missing 6% from the rivals since the start of the series and despite tickets - no fix.
Just the usual generic delete this, re-install that etc. - nothing works.
They just can’t accept the problem is at their end, not ours.
Not long left to go before it’s over and all my Golded completions count for nothing yet again as it’s all completed on the playlist but still only 94% for all seasons in series 47.


I reckon this whole post will be merged at some point soon as there’s already a big thread on it on the forums. But still they ignore the issue.

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