So summer just started and im allready 33% done on the season

A new season just started and for some reason im allready 33% done few races and pr stunts are complete, no clue why. Anyone else got the same problem?

I just had the same thing, I’m on PC though and realised I hadn’t updated the game from the store. Just finished with the 2gb update and now its showing the latest festival playlist so my guess is that you need to update the game!

I’m at 20% with two PR-Stunts and the playground (summergames) completed already and one of my buddies has all three PR-Stunts completed like you.

If you look at the next seasons you’ll also note that all four will give you an Aventador '12 and a 250 Testarossa as rewards for the festival playlists. Which can’t be right.

Seems like the intern was tasked with setting this up. That’s presumably the same numbnut that was responsible for the 200 super-wheelspins yesterday. QA at its finest…NOT!

So, i’ve been thinking about the playlist that not updated to the new series. and the rewards is different
example is today is update 32 release but i haven’t update it yet, and i play some of the festival playlist. and after get the reward i update it to series 32
Did i get the reward if i do that? Or something will happen?

Yup I’m the same. Already completed most of the pr stunts and a few races.
None of the new cars are available for me to unlock. The Shelby GT500 mustang is honestly the only car I have actually been excited to get and it’s not even there.

I checked the coming seasons ive got different rewards for all but I did notice that this month there is no backstage pass. Hope there is going to be hotfix of some sort soon since this kinda took the fun out of this season.

If you don’t have the Summer Festival Playlist showing the GT500 reward then you need to update your game - go to Manage game on console or Microsoft Store Updates on PC and download and install the update, then reboot and try again.

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It blows my mind that we are into the thirty second update and still people are not making sure that their game is up to date


It’s maybe unimaginable to you but there are actually players which are new to the game and simply won’t assume that a well known developer isn’t able to automatically update the game or at least give you an ingame message that a new update is availble. :wink:

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Had a couple of beers and nice juicy burger oh and updated the game… anywayyyys one of those things seem to have helped and now everything is ok at forzaland.

Wait what? Dude stop my mind can’t handle being blown again

But seriously surely the only way to update a game is with a download…? Am I being technologically stupid here? Unless you mean automatically downloading the update, in which case that’s to do with their console/PC and not the developers fault? Really not trying to be facetious, honestly confused

What blows my mind is how a console, with automatic updates, doesn’t upload the latest season. Then instead of showing an error message on the new season it simply reverts to a random season with half completed seasons. Adding to the confusion. Why would the developers allow a game to do that instead of a simple message that says “requires update”. But I guess your mind is too blown to be able to understand what could be a simple fix

I guess you’re right, when you put it like that it does sound silly. Thank you for spelling it out for my tiny ‘sploded mind. This is what we get for using Xbox I guess

I didn’t have to do anything, the game was updated as soon as I turned the XBox One S on.

This sometimes happens when the season update didnt go through. If you then go to the store, you will realize the update is paused. So you will need to update it, and restart the game.

Happens by time to time. This is not new.

They announced on the livestream that they were having troubles with the 32 update, and that they’d probably send out a backup playlist while they figure out the problem. That’s what this one is (I presume…) – Mine, upon completion, shows 88% (completion minus the daily challenges) – Usually is 94%. There is no photo challenge in there, I suspect this backup is from before that feature was added in. I didn’t notice if it showed a percentage before I started, but they’ve had completion-percentage problems in the past when they’ve had to use backup playlists, and have usually gotten 'em fixed by the end of the season… although it always causes just as much chaos when it happens…

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Its normal series 32 playlist and I’m at 88% too, but I don’t do PGG, so the percentage is as it should be … at least for me.

Even though everything is set to automatic updates (apps and system), I manually check for them on all of my devices. My OCD.

Do love the constant DC feature, lol

I’m just waiting for the matchmaking issue to be fixed so I can get my last one done (Summer Games), already completed the rest (majority solo, only one I had a team with was obviously the trial), and so I can get my ranked adventures done (got one of them done before the matchmaking issues killed my attempts to get the other two done).