series history broken

Clowns have been meddling again.
New season starts - so i check series history to view the wonder of a 100% completed season .And just like that its gone, 12 points ie 3 a week are missing .AGAIN
Apparently i’ve already chosen a car for the World Cup,lord knows what car,i’ve chosen nothing. And to cap it all i drive out from Horizon runway and immediately get a ‘new area discovered’ pop up 58/56 or similar.
This really is pathetic ,its basic stuff getting ruined by incompetance somewhere along the line. I can’t think of any other product that can be sold this broken with no apparent consequence or comeback towards the producer

EDIT : and all the dates are wrong in the series history, plus we can look forward to ‘Welcome to Mexico’ for series 5 ,starting 11th Nov 2021 !!!
xbox one s


68 + 65 + 65 + 68 = 254

Prove me wrong!

That Series 5 start date on 11/11/2021 is so embarassing, OMG…why it is not fixed yet? It must take like 2 seconds for someone competent to locate that in files, fix it and make quick 0.0…1 byte update…I know that in GTA:DE it took devs weeks to fix rain and add fog…incompetent people…but modders fixed both like first day…modders…who had mods taken down and was sued…people who saw game on new engine first time ever fixed in a day or so stuff that took devs weeks. El Risitas

At least we got new wheelspin rewards - 1000 CR, 2000 CR, 5000 CR and 10000 CR.
Also removed car liveries if you buy duplicate of car with livery that you got through messages, even tho you see it with livery at AH…this is what I call AH livery scam.
Finally it is great to see that car skill trees got updated as well…again…:+1:

I feel, like every update make it one step closer being Forza Horizon 5 Definitive Edition.
What happened to Forza…it is amazing game in terms of gameplay like original GTA Trilogy, but it is ruined by that attention to small details like in GTA The Trilogy The Defective Edition…still amazing gameplay, because it was already amazing in original, but that small details made it 0.5/10. (9.9/10 GTA SA PS2 for comparison…basically same game, both broke records…one as maybe best game of all time, second one as maybe worst game of all time…same games…small details…sound familiar? FH1,2,3,4,5…)

You literally spit in my face with many questionable decissions which me and most of player base just don’t understand.
I am huge fan since FM6 - 6 years and this is first Forza title that really freak me out and make me speak a lot of how broken it is to my friends.

Me - as player and fan who got nearly all/all cars in Forza games since FM6 I would say that it is much more fun to spend time farming skill points, buying cars, getting wheelspins and winning new cars which is actually legit strategy, so you can actually collect all cars and make a lot of money than to win 30k CR per race, limited wheelspins and got 1000 CR out of them so you can buy 1 expensive supercar after 100 races and never get that other 2 you considered and wanted to try as well as you have to grind for them so you better quit as it is what make game NOT fun anymore.

Of course main playerbase - kids does not care about it, but adults like me are devastated…why not listen to what players actually want and focus on important fixes, not changes no one asked about and no one wanted. Have dude on stream who have no clue how to play racing games judging by that ABS, TCR and STM on finished 100 mile Bentley run starting with 200k CR?
Go save money and buy 4 mil Bentley with your 200k and show how long that challenge take on stream dude.
Have you already won Hoonigan Trial with all assists on? I bully everyone with my near perfect driving skills, but I had real tough time with that one…I could not get first at any race, took me like 7 tries when finally someone quit at first race so we got that needed extra points and me with one dude got 2nd and 3rd place second race which made us win.
Well, yeah, all that took a lot of time…so you just deleted all PR stunts for Series 4?
Are you nuts???
Just LOL. I don’t know what else to say, I am out of words.

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I noticed that for the Weekly Challenge… Chapter 1 Done ! But I just got on… oh, the Chevy Camaro '69 I had gotten into before leaving the house for the Photo Challenge. lol…

Also similar. Was in freeroam when series loaded and 57/56 area discovery pops. After checking in at house and going to take Photo Challenge and 58/56 area discovery pops up at the site. But, that’s minor, similar happened in FH4 too didn’t it ?

…the dates ? Maybe that’s why we have the DeLorean :wink:

Yep it’s minor,but part of a ‘death by a thousand cuts’ problem that is ruining the enjoyment of the game. The 3 hrs wait to get a chaos event and the final point for a full season was annoying,to find that the time and effort was wasted (yet again) as soon as the season finished is probably it for me and weeklies. The only fun i’m getting from this game atm is Rivals and the occasional Trial.
It’s a shame,as there is a brilliant game hiding under all the broken/poorly implemented bits

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I log in yesterday. I go to do the Trial. I pick a Renault Clio. Finish the trail. Oops… I guess I chose the Renault for the weekly challenge.

So much for being able to choose which country to support…

Totally frickin’ random depending on what you happened to be driving previous to this week’s update and/or what activities you do before you think about the weekly challenge.

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Getting in one car doesn’t mean anything. I used a different car for each chapter, doing the Seasonal Championships.