Whats up with this game?

Thinking of picking it up for $30, how is it?

This place doesn’t seem active at all as well. I guess that can be credited to having to buy a xbox one. Doesn’t seem like any of the old posters from back in the day are on here at all.

Just wondering what you guys think of the game and if it is worth picking up.

This game has its up and downs ill tell you that but once the community comes over im sure that the game itself will have a active community come back into play.

The number one thing to know tuning the way you do on fm4 is gonna have to change on fm5. There aren’t as many tracks but with that comes new competition tracks for our FMDL and VFD leagues. I guess for me I would say if there was a small community supporting the game Doing It Sideways might not be one of the only teams on FM5. Because this new game has something to give.

But to answer your question I picked it up and wasn’t disappointed.

Could you go into detail a little more.

Yeah I definitely see what you mean about the community coming over. Been around here for a while and it seems like everyone has disappeared. Definitely credit that to a new console launch though but even at the last year of FM4 it seemed to be relatively baron here.

How is the tuning change? I been around for 2, 3, and 4 and each had their little differences. Nothing that drastic besides going from 2 to 3 was a larger jump than 3 to 4. How much different is it?

I’m not really into the team stuff as much as I used to be. Not really into the forums as much either. But having Show Your Drift Cars at only 5 pages is kinda depressing.

I mean it is $30 so might as well pick it up considering all I have on my One is BF4 lmao

Here is the easiest way to bring it into a summary I suppose.

Im not saying that im any fm5 expert because im not but what ive noticed are the small things. To start off with your build really needs to be focused on how my HP you are putting into a the weight of your vechile. Tire Pressure is completely different because some people never moved it off default but once I messed around with It you want higher psi in the front (around 40 psi or so). Alignment is still based on how you are as a drifter which is nice but you have to tweak what you had from FM2-4 because the physics themselves are going to tear any tune you had from fm4 to fm5 apart. Camber and Toe need to be aligned just right for how you handle your turns. Rebound Stiffness and Bump Stiffness are to me more important this time around to handle these transitions from turn to turn. Because when I transferred a tuned from fm4 to fm5 I couldn’t keep my car stable after one turn into the next. (Rebound and bump I had to stiffing up by double nearly.)

But I too have been around from fm1 to now and I would say that I quite enjoy this game. it throws more obstacles at you which is nice.

Sport tires seem to be better than street in my opinion more these days to handle the track a lot more instead you might see yourself in the grass.

But if you do see yourself getting the game and want someone to drift with hit me up. ill be down

I guess that all goes on driving style to be fair, I transferred over my Nissan 240sx drift tune from FM4 and it works perfectly. I have the exact same parts and settings as I did in FM4, and its still my favorite car to drift with. then again I have always used pretty drastic suspension settings and tire pressure, and all in the name of keeping as much speed as possible during a drift for tandem purposes, but also still been able to carry good angle. On Fm4 I was told a few times that people loved following me when I was using my 240, because my lines where so predictable, and my speed consistent.

Anyway, FM5 seems worth it from my point of view. The car list is pretty good considering the reduction, the main thing that hurts the game is the lack of tracks currently. Keeping my fingers crossed that T10 still have a few tracks to come for Fm5, because it really does need them. The driving physics are excellent for a console based game, and feels good on a pad or a wheel. You do have to be more mindful of weight transfer though, along with braking and acceleration points.

I only hope that FM5 does get more tracks and 2 get a lot more community to follow.

Ah I would definitely have to jump in the tuning and learn again. I just tuned my r34 up to how I wanted it in 3 and used pretty much the same in 4.

I’ll hit you up when I get it. Haven’t drifted in ages lol

I have played this game for about a month maybe 2 now, It is fantastic as far the graphics, the noise and the handling of the cars (to an extent). I recommend anyone to pick the game up but i will never recommend anyone to go out and but the xbox one just to play this game like i did. big disappointment there. still prefer forza 4 so far. This might change if turn 10 actually realease any updates for the game

Agreed, community is dead right now. The game is great though. Once some good tandem tourneys get running it will be more fun.

Just ordered guys.

Had to order a $0.99 mouse pad to get the deal for $30 off.

Mouse pad estimated delivery is March 24. Forza is March 31.

C’mon Staples.