Bought every limited edition Forza and this is why I will not be buying this one

I love the game and feel like it’s the best racing franchise ever.
In fact I bought XBOX 1 at lunch and my only 2 games are Forza 5 and Horizon 2 (Both limited edition)

Here is my 2 cents that I hope MS and Turn 10 see.

Played Forza 4 religiously for 2 years.
Played Forza 5 for 1 month.

After thinking it over I realized why.

In FM4 i did alot of drifting, virus and cat and mouse. All of them were in public lobbies as they were easier to find and more fun to play.
I also loved tuning, having my tuning store and seeing how many downloads I got.

In FM5 I tried the same thing but drifting in matchmaking lobbies is horrid and does not excite me to drift for points.
My Tune is the one of the top in the world for a drifting RX7, but I have no idea how many times it got downloaded. All I see is Hi, here is 300K for your tune.

So in short I want to enjoy Forza for drifting and tag and virus etc. But currently it’s no fun and I don’t want to spend $60 to play for 1 month and never touch it again.

T10 always says it’s a game for everyone, but lately it showed that it’s a game for the casual gamer who has to play by T10’s rules.

Sucks but I am stuck without a good racer for another 2 years.


Go to your shared tune and it’ll show you the number of uses and likes.


How do you do this,Swerve?

Get in the car and go to one of the screens where you can load a tune. Press RB to go over to my tunes which will be any you have saved, shared or downloaded.

If its one you shared if you press A on it you will see the stats.


Wouldn’t it make sense to wait until the multiplayer modes have actually been confirmed before jumping ship?


I’m not a gambling man, but I will place bets that there will not be cat and mouse lobbies, last man standing lobbies, tandem drifting (or any other type of drifting outside of points, like limbo), cruise lobbies, highway pull or rolling start drag lobbies, or just about anything else that isn’t the cookie cutter circuit, drag, or points drifting lobbies that turn 10 has been regurgitating since forza -1.

Forgot to say inb4 circuit racing illuminati says circuit racing is the only thing that should be done in a driving game.

I don’t think circuit racing is all that should be done but I do think its where Turn 10s main focus should be.

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I agree completely SatNiteEduardo. I completely understand branching out to other disciplines. I dabble at some but the bread and butter of this Forza game is circuit racing. I don’t mind the game not bring open world as it is usually bad news to go off the track. Forza horizon is much more suited to ramp up some other types of racing. I personally don’t like drifting at all ( not because I don’t like it but more that I really really suck at it). The only achievement I have not been able to get in the Forza games ( not counting the 2 Horizon games) was the drifting challenge at Long Beach. Even though I don’t like it I do agree it hold be there in some amount.

Forgive my ignorance, but if you haven’t got that drifting achievement how have you got a Forza total of 12,000?

MVG, the Forza rewards and the achievements are separate. You don’t have to have every achievement to max out the rewards. In both of the Forza Horizon games I probably only have half of the achievements but I have all the rewards in both those games. In Forza 2,3,4, and 5 I have every achievement except the Long Beach drifting one in Forza 5. I hope that I explained that well.

YES YES! Exactly. Make sure physics work. Make sure it’s correct. Give us public lobbies and thats it. We will make it fun for our selves. Trust US. Physics for drifting are exactly the same as they are for circuit. Tires are tires and suspension is suspension.

However, removing that small part from the community really screws the fun factor for the hardcore and dedicated. (The group that actually stiks to the game for years after everyone left. The group that spends cash on DLC cars, the group that buys $500 steering wheel setups etc.)

Nothing you posted has to do with racing, why are you looking for a good racer?

Reads like you just want a drift game.


And that’s bad because why?

This is a contradiction. Drifting isn’t racing. Forza Motorsport is a racing game, not a drifting game. You can’t complain that the highest-rated racing franchise of the past decade isn’t a good racer because it doesn’t focus on drifting when drifting isn’t racing. Drifting is showing off with a car and getting it around a track in a slower, less efficient way and not racing. “But drifting is faster…” No, it’s been tested by Mythbusters with the help of a professional Formula D drifter to be a slower way around a track than racing properly. Host Adam got around a circuit faster than the Formula D drifter.

Because Forza is a racing game, not a drifting game. Drifting can’t be used as an argument for how Forza is a bad racing game when drifting isn’t racing. Complaining that Forza is a bad racing game because it doesn’t focus on drifting is like arguing that an apple is a terrible fruit because it lacks meat. Meat isn’t fruit so lacking meatiness can’t make an apple a bad fruit, and drifting isn’t racing so lacking drifting can’t make Forza a bad racing game.



I think that if a Drift Racing game were to appear, it might destroy the sales of a lot of racing games.

I find drifting to be great fun, and as long as it has a great Photomode, I will not need another racing game.

The part I like about Drifting, is that the races are typically a single lap. This is also the part I like least about a Drifting based racing GAMES. Sure doing a solo point war, you can do multiple Hot Laps, but a Touge race, where you must stay in the smoke for the lap, kinda makes a gaming experience boring.

I can admit to enjoying the drift modes in games that don’t quite understand drifting, GT thinks that Drifting is a Western thing, and they did not even make any attempt to make it fun. GRiD had a decent drifting mode, and it was even 1/3 of the game… but nobody admits to playing that game. Forza has drifting, and while I don’t find it accurate either, I do find it fun.

Hopefully FM6 puts me in my place, and has me shutting up, about things that I gripe about in racing games… as of today, no racing game seems to get the MASS of the car right. The feeling of driving a 2 ton car around a corner at 40mph, vs 80mph is a whole different feeling… I drive a Chrysler 300 in real life, and have owned a Prelude and the difference in the weight these cars feel, is like running in track shoes, vs armored combat boots. Both are designed for running, but you have to run differently for each build.

But a game that accomplishes both would be hard to beat, I have this opinion that if you can’t realistically drift in a racing game/sim then something is definitely not right with the game physics because if the car isn’t behaving as it should when drifting then it isn’t going to behaving realistically when racing because they shouldn’t be different for example you could take a real RWD car and make it into a rally, drift, time attack, ext… car and it would be fine but some games have physics that hinder that flexibility.

One thing that real seems to hurt drifting is it being the black sheep of motorsports due to it being relatively new and more subjective in the way you win compared to other motorsports like time attack, all that stigmatizes it to the point that a proper racer might look down on drifting and of course that spreads to the fans of racing, ergo also the game devs, sure they might add a drift lobby or track but it doesn’t really mean they are supporting drifting in the same way as racing as is evident because there isn’t say any cars or more tracks from D1, Formula D, DMCC, or Drift Allstars granted it could be worse, it could be like Rally and not have any thing but Nobuhiro Tajima’s Suzuki. Poor Rally/Tarmac-Rally guys getting no love XD

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Well, to that I’ll just say “hard to beat-ish.”

You have to remember / think about the fact that there is much more than just circuit racing and drifting when talking about motorsports.

The Drag fans want full-featured Drag racing, including “live tree,” drag-specific upgrades, drag-format events, and so-on (I’m sure LOTS of so-on).

The Off-road / Rally fans want full featured Rally racing, including upgrades, timing, navigator, and so-on (I’m sure LOTS of so-on).

The Oval / NASCAR fans want full featured Oval racing, including wild crashes, pace-cars, wild crashes, pit strategies, wild crashes, cautions… did I mention wild crashes?

Then there’s Autocross (with cones, not barrels); karting; hill-climb; and I’m sure other forms I’m not thinking of at the moment.

So, accomplishing both Circuit and Drifting - which are probably the most diverse two disciplines of motorsport - in the same game would leave out a LOT of people.

I’ve long said that, for fans of each form to really be happy, Turn 10 should be putting out lots of stand-alone games: Forza Circuit; Forza Oval; Forza Drag, Forza Rally, Forza Open-World… rather than trying to cram “well, that sorta does it” modes all into one game.