Backward compatibility!

I can’t wait to see how big the drift community gets for the old gen fms and fhs get after the new backward compatibility. Announcement ATM its a beta but at the end of this year it will be available worldwide and honestly can’t wait to see what happens here for us drifters unless turn t10 and Microsoft decents to screw us and not add t10 products to the new backward capability thing

What’s your guyses take on this

I’d be amazed if the older games appeared on the list.

There’s quit a few major hits in the beta already

You won’t be able use any wheels unless you still have a 360. Newer wheels will not work unless they come out with a update. FM4 is good and all to come back, but this community is on it’s last leg. Giving FM6 a last shot to revive stuff. If the community do not want to come support along with turn 10 to support. Majority are going over to PC. Go take a read at this Kinda making it clear that drifters are not wanted in the game. Post had some fine points. No worries because most us are packing and moving out by the end of the year.

I hear ya but one day just maybe the drifters will be good again no offense but the dudes in fda got these guys in a head lock now a days. For a 4 will boom again hopefully after this back compatible stuff comes out I hope but all the vets are long gone or leaving at this point

Lol Vets is what made this community. If you want that to happen. Game and community will surely die off. You guys have fun.

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I ain’t sayin I’m good either I’m a fda pro am guy to lol

Makes me sad to see the people go, even with my occasional (but insufficient) attempts to scrounge some old friends together for a few tandem runs or two.
I miss Sublime Drifting.

I miss the FM4 days, but you need to realise that they’re never going to come back. As Daiguren said a few posts above, there really isn’t much for us anymore, and there probably won’t be much more added. You have to remember that the majority of the people who left after FM4 either went to play on better platforms or just grew out of it (can’t say I’m aware of how many still play it as I don’t have a 360 anymore). They’re not going to all of a sudden come back, and new people aren’t going to appear to the extent of what they used to. Yeah, some will come back if FM4 does gain backwards compatibility, but don’t hold your hopes too high for it being a large number.

Please, stop trying revive it. It’s just not going to happen. No matter how much many of us would like it to.

Yeah I guess so I know the fda days on fm4 were there’s so many drifters in a top 16 bracket 40 guys get knocked out just from qaul and crazy numbers like that won’t happen again I wish just the skill level can come back where you hop in a lobby and you can actually find lobbies with door to door trains and stuff like that again

I laugh at that because those numbers are nothing compared to the early VFD and FMDA

Here we go.

Forza 3, Forza 4 and Forza Horizon backward compatibility confirmed via trailer @ gamescom2015


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Ohh emm gee

I’m personally hoping that they will throw in at least one of the games in with pre-order of Forza 6 just as they are doing with other games. I don’t necessarily need it but there’s no better way to flaunt the BC catalog than with a flagship title like Forza.

The fact that they just did it with Gears: Ultimate has me thinking they will follow suit with this game.

The problem here is that the community never truly carried over to next-gen because Microsoft and Turn 10 made a bit of a mistake with the launch of the Xbone and the release of FM5 in terms of the drifting community, and that we had a massive hissy-fit over it all. Unfortunately, we’re the underdogs in this franchise and I think Dai is the only one who has made a comment about this. It’s all sunshine and rainbows with the rest of you trying to relive the glory of the FM4 golden days of competition and trying to pull everybody back to the old games, but that time has basically come to an end. FDA is probably the only site with competitions that will last, so if you really want to keep on going, go sign up as they’ll be more than happy to have a few more competitors in their pro-am/pro series’. In terms of public/general drifting, it’s basically the case where where we’re at the point in which we just hang around our little groups of ‘cool kids’ (e.g. a groupee) and the rest of the people here on this forum are here to try and find people to drift with, not really knowing how the other drifts and possibly ending up in chaos. Though the chaos bit doesn’t happen often.

I wish the rest of the community the best of luck in trying to find solace in such a degenerative community, and maybe see a few of you for #FDA2016.

VFD will be around this season on xbox. Following season I’m pushing for the PC. Just have not announced plans for this season yet. Them FDA boys will still have deal with competition for another year lol.

I come on here and all these young bums sitting here talking about the old days on fm4. Lmao. You dont know the old days, you have always been an bum, the old days were forza central and fmda websites before there was ever an as for you shado and bucket good luck with the FDA comps, negativity is what kills this scene and we dont want it, more merchandise from sponsored events for everyone else. By the way your both garbage drifters and thats coming from a one legged guy that can out drift you and any of the girls you hang out with.