What the heck is Horizon Nexus?

What the heck is/was the Horizon Nexus feature that was promised in the “coming soon” section of the series 8 playlist? As far as I can tell, it was absolutely nothing. Can anyone shed some light on this? Did I miss it somehow?

For that matter, what the heck is the “New Race Branding” promised in this month’s (series 9) coming soon section? I mean I’m expecting nothing, but somehow I feel like I’ll still be disappointed.

Nexus is the Hub at the centre of the upcoming Hot Wheels expansion.


So this was just never changed after the Hot Wheels expansion got delayed internally?

Presumably not - this series generally feels like it was aimed at Hotwheels being live for the full month.

So Nexus is just one tiny little bit of the hot wheels debacle?
I came out ahead on the hot wheels dlc. I expected nothing, I paid for nothing, I got no dlc. I still get some hot wheels cars which I can sell in the auction for presumably nerfed prices of less than 100,000cr each. Way less probably. And I still have my money. Winner winner steak dinner. Yesh why not? It’s always better than chicken.

Something’s not adding up here. Why would they advertise the festival location for the expansion in the playlist of the base game as a feature that’s coming soon?

I could imagine it being a place holder phrase that just never got changed or reconsidered. Still, it seems very scummy/false advertising.

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Because it’s coming soon?

Devil isn’t in details? Nobody tests or proofreads?

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I really don’t understand why we have to wait another month. What exactly are we supposed to learn, gain or attain in series 9 that’s supposed to prepare us for the expansion? Why couldn’t we just receive these HW cars on day 1 of the expansion being released?

Because this would be boring, right?

Because they put something in the game they have about 100 bugs to fix, leaving us with just 3.

Still got bugs in the game that were there from launch and still got the ones they have introduced over time, only things they fix are the none issues that no one has ever contacted support about.

The Nexus / festival location basically, may be like the sites in the earlier games. Where you could drive into the garage, or the autoshow, or the whatever at separate buildings within the area.
Just an idea!

Not forgetting the bugs ‘features’ carried over from Horizon 4 that still haven’t been fixed in Horizon 4.

What is it that you dont understand? it is advertisement, and its been happening in forza series since ten years ago. Dude, did you born yesterday? why the h3ck are they going to do advertisement of something that ISNT coming??? or was your post irony?? because at this point in these forums, i dont know anymore.

Maybe this is it! It’s a new process PGG is introducing to remove the bugs from the game.

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