What is going on with Forza Horizon 5?

The initial storyline and the chapters were fun, but after you get past that and you’re waiting for the weekly’s, the game takes a nose dive. Surely the devs realise we play the game to accumulate cars as
rewards for doing 9 races? Does anyone really care about the huge magnitude of 'saying’s you get to use with Anna? Also, where are the SUPER wheelspins? Devs, please stop being tight fisted. Put more cars as rewards and give us more Super Wheelspins, like Forza Horizon 4 has. This week, I’m not going to even bother trying to accumulate the 25 points for a good car.

Lastly, we have to spend 4million credits for the Bugatti Blower to gain points? Are you serious? Also, you made a mistake with the dates the cars were made. On the Festival Playlist, it says the 1931 4.5ltr Bugatti Blower and in the Autostore, it’s listed as being made in 1930.

Seriously devs. Stop phoning it in and start giving fans more for the effort you want us to put in and keep your coffers full of our money. We deserve it, it’s what we pay for.




Yooo the frustration builds…fh5…frustrating horizons ×5…

The weekly events are an abomination that shouldn’t even exist. I’m not waiting for them, I just occasionally let myself get drawn into them. That said, I can’t disagree on the rewards. Heck, I’d rather get a horn or pair of socks I’ll never use rather than another of those ultra useless phrases.


So clearly this isn’t the first time this nonsense has been brought up. Does anyone know if the developers have addressed the issue? It’s clear they’re trying to build longevity, make us play more for less, but it’s obvious that for some, despite the game being new, being tugged along with rewards that no one wants or needs is backfiring on them and making people like us, lose interest.

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At the absurd rate they already hand out cars via wheelspins and the autoshow, placing cars as weekly rewards would defeat the purpose of car collection and it’s longevity.

Of course they would skew the rewards heavily towards minor pointless attainment as this keeps you playing longer and more importantly “waiting” for the exclusive cars. The fact players are now treating the game as a car collection experience is a telling sign of inadequate content and a poor game, end of story.


I think the rate we get cars and wheelspins etc is not a problem.

What is a problem is people’s desire to play the game because it gets boring and people are waiting for the next bug to hit.


That’s what I said AS Ryvm, but this early in and people are already losing interest by being tugged along with worthless and pointless rewards. I dunno what you’re talking about “the insane rate they’re handing out cars via wheelspins”, maybe you’ve had better luck than others. Most of my wheelspin rewards are low credit rewards or horns.

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The game by it’s very nature is giving you access to crazy amounts of cars from the beginning. Adding more “worthwhile content” would just shorten the invested weekly time of the average player, as people will just go straight for what’s most important on that particular week and then ditch everything else.

It’s not just a lack of meaningful rewards being given, it’s the whole design.

It’s no accident that the brand new exclusive cars are locked behind series/season progression, because that’s how you retain addicted players, you give them minor rewards through the invested playtime and then a big reward at the end ( just like a slot machine ).

People are losing interest because the entirety of the experience is being spoon-fed to them via said rewards (whether they are worthwhile or not). Of course some people enjoy having a large selection of things to acquire and collect but it takes the meaning of it all away if it’s just too much like you seem to want. If they offered say 400 cars at launch and then handed out “new” cars every time you completed some sort of challenge what would be the point of the game? Every quote on quote exclusive reward can either eventually be bought on the AH, got by RNG in the wheelspins or some other avenue. How would adding one or two more worthwhile rewards change the experience?

When you mention the scarcity of high value rewards that’s exactly the point of live service and one of the main reasons the game feels dead because the emphasis is no longer racing (circuit, drag or even drifting), it’s about getting a reward. HALO for instance is exactly the same, the goal is the end rewards of the battle pass system.

I think FH5 has leaned too heavily towards a simulator

Most of this kind of post are so hard to understand. What does the OP even want? And what does we deserve it, it’s what we payed for mean? What did you payed for anyway?

This is definitely not constructive criticism. Not even close. Does the OP expect devs to contact him personally for an explanation?


I’d say they’re looking for a more rewarding experience. And highlighting unsatisfying rewards is constructive criticism. Of course, one could certainly debate over what constitutes a satisfying reward… It could be that some people are overjoyed to get a phrase.

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Ok, what you say make sense. But like you said what is a satisfying reward?
I was watching a YT video. A group of friends was trying to complete the Trial. The main joke was a Super wheelspin as a price. Obviously they all agreed the Super wasn’t a satisfying reward. Trial over he spun the wheel and got a McLaren F1 GT. Best reward ever!
So a perception of a worthy reward depends on so many factors that devs can’t influence in any way. I still can see solutions to each individual issues in those threads.

Its very much the same as other FH games once you have done all the single player events you then have to just do the weekly challenges and whatever and wait for the DLC to be released to get more single player content.

What’s hard to understand STR3LA? I personally pay a subscription. I don’t expect a Developer to contact me personally, but a moderator who monitors the forums might reply, and lets face it, it’s kinda in the developers best interests to listen to player feedback. Think how many games have sunk without a trace because they didn’t.

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I still have no idea what you want them to do. I’m serious, I’m not trolling you.
Don’t say they are not listening when it’s obvious they do. Look, the wonderful community want to improve the game by removing long races from Open Racing. So they did. Now nobody will ever experience a long race in Open. Nobody. I was lucky to race the Goliath and the Gauntlet because I played it before the patch.

And how is it not constructive criticism? It’s as constructive as I can be, when I feel I’m being taken advantage of. If you pay for something, you’re quite entitled to expect to get what you paid for. The reward system on Forza 5 needs looking at. Plain and simple.


I’m not arguing or anything as I agree the Rewards system needs looking at (the trial this week has a Super Wheelspin as a reward!!). But the bit I highlighted: You paid for a game and you got a, mostly working, game…whether you got what you expected doesn’t really factor in when considering if you’ve been taken advantage of. If the game simply won’t work or works but is completely unplayable, then that would be a different story. You could argue that you were misled when buying the game as certain features were not working properly at launch.

Without being sarcastic. One Super Wheelspin for arguably the most difficult part of every season? Big deal. You’re missing my point entirely. The reward system in FH4 was fine and I seriously doubt I’m a alone in thinking that the developers in this game are going to see their plan for longevity backfire on them by slowly drawing out any worthwhile rewards.

The Super Wheelspins and Wheelspins need looking at too, as far as rewards go. They remind me of a roulette table. It’s tilted and at least for me, the ones I’ve had have yielded absolutely nothing worth keeping. One time is bad luck, twice, maybe still bad luck. Three times? Coincidence? But consecutively happening repeatedly? That my friend, is a tilted table.

As people have already said, the servers are wearing thin with actual players, you’re surrounded by NPC’s driving around with players usernames, so there IS a drop off in players and the game is still in its infancy. I’m tossing it out there, that the grievances I have with the game after you’ve done the storylines is why.

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I got the last car in the car collection when I reached prestige 2 or lv 500. At that moment I looked at the Accolade for purchasing 400 cars from AS/Car Collection. The number showed was 140/400. In those 140 cars that I bought were also Supras and Caymans that I bought for Super farming. Every other car came from WS/SWS,Accolades,Festival Rewards and DLC.

I get what you’re saying, but I’m thinking you’re in the minority, dude. I have about 140 cars I think, but honestly, most of them aren’t worth the time the developers put into making them. Maybe I’ll take a break for a bit and see what happens, the game is still really buggy at the minute and there are a multitude of reasons why you could have had better luck with WS/SWS than me. I’m not kidding, 95% of the time, I get an emote, a horn or a pointless piece of clothing.

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