What did you spend your car voucher on?

Not sure if I won it or something or if it’s part of the Early Access VIP thing, but I noticed I have one car voucher and can buy anything at the auto show. Since I like to collect every car in the game at some point I may spend it on the $30 million dollar daytona. However I really don’t like driving that car so I might spend it on something I would enjoy. Can’t really decide right now. What are you guys going to spend your token on?

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I haven’t noticed that I have one. If it’s a VIP thing, I should have it, but I didn’t see an indication while browsing the Autoshow.

Expecting to have one, I sorted the cars by value and pondered the most expensive cars. But none of the truly ridiculous price range vehicles appealed to me. I think the most expensive car I liked was around 2.5 million? Some classic open top car with actual fenders that probably had a lot of knobs and levers involved in driving it.

Ditto. I think I got a message saying I had it, but I haven’t seen it. Could be buried in a menu somewhere because in spite of the menus allegedly being cleaner, there still seems to be a lot squirrelled away where you don’t expect it, thus making it easier to miss out on stuff.

As for my choice of car, I’ve been musing about a McLaren GT; or something I’d like to drive like the Renault 5 Turbo even if it isn’t that expensive.

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The Renault 5 turbo unlocks doing story missions

Thanks for the info.

I went for the McLaren GT (side note: when you buy a car from the Autoshow, it gives you the option of getting it for free), but should at least buy the Renault (which, I bet, I’ll then get from a wheel spin soon afterwards).

when you go to buy the car it will say pay with CR or pay with voucher

as for me, i might use it on one of the ferraris.

The Daytona of course, but I do like driving it.


I bought Koenigsegg Jesko

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Haven’t used it yet.

My thinking was exactly the same, but I went ahead and used it on the soulless Daytona. I figured it was still saving me the 30 million I can otherwise spend elsewhere on something I’d more enjoy.

AMG One. I quite like it.


Honestly, I spent it on the car I wanted to go into the early game with. I don’t mind earning credits for the bigger cars so I just used it right away to get into the car I wanted to be in (Skyline V-SPEC II).

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Boy are a couple people going to be upset when they learn the Shelby Daytona is a reward for an accolade. (“The One with the Hairy Chest”. Requirements: “Second Wave - Complete 100 Festival Playlist Activities” under Festival Playlist).

I haven’t spent mine yet. Thinking I may hold it for a bit in case there’s a weekly event that needs a particularly expensive car I can’t afford.

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That’s exactly what I wanted to avoid, so checked first. Ended up getting the Ferrari 250 California instead. Though, I guess I wasn’t smart enough to hold off until there was a car I needed for the playlist.

Ah dang! Thought I was being smart picking up the Daytona, haha.

I saw that, still picked the Daytona. Love the way it drives and have no problem having two so I can tune one to Rally and the other to Road.

One of my favorite cars of all time and it sounds so good in this version of Horizon with the stock motor.

i went for the Porsche 993 GT2

I spent it on the Cesto

I want to use it on the amg one, but would hate to find out you get it for free later on from some event or something, so I’m holding on to it for now.

I’m not in your gang, but I had an idea that might help somebody. Get an expensive car to sell in the auction house, and then buy 3 or 4 cars instead of getting 1.

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