car voucher

i have ultimate fh5 and i am supposed to have a voucher for free to get car from auto show but cannot find it
in menu anyone help me with this problem thanks

When you go to buy a car you have the choice of voucher or credits

thanks for info but tried it but no option to buy with voucher just money which i do not have much of at the moment
thanks anyway

Are you sure you don’t get option after selecting color/livery and after you try to buy car? It doesn’t show voucher anywhere on screen until you get option to choose.

My voucher worked in Car Collections, not Auto Show

The voucher works fine in the auto show…I used mine the other day. For a while every time I bought a car it gave me the option to purchase with credits or voucher

thank you both for the tips i will try them later on

Yeah - it’s definitely post livery choice in the Autoshow, as I used mine for a Veneno yesterday.

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I used mine for the most expensive car in the game - the second most will pull out as a accolade award and if I get the most expensive in a wheel of fortune - I can sell it for half the price…

@Pete Starbuck

Are you sure you did not use the car voucher by accident for any car from the auto show? As far as I know it’s the only way where the voucher would show up when asking if buying the car with money or with the voucher.

voucher sorted used it in car collections thanks for all your help happy gaming to you all