Autoshow Car Vouchers in FH5

Autoshow Car Vouchers in FH5

Announced today, players will have more options to collect Autoshow cars with Autoshow Car Vouchers.

Purchase Autoshow Car Vouchers with real-world currency and exchange them for any car you’d like available at the Autoshow. This does not include Festival Playlist reward cars or Car Pack cars.

You’ll be able to buy different bundles of Autoshow Car Vouchers:

4.99 4
9.99 10
19.99 24

For more information, please visit:

How do the Vouchers work?

  • After you purchase a car voucher, you will be able to exchange it for an Autoshow car within the game without having to use credits. These vouchers work the same way as the Autoshow Voucher included in the FH5 Welcome Pack.

What cars will I be able to acquire using vouchers?

  • You will be able to redeem each voucher for one Autoshow car only.
  • You cannot acquire any rewards from the Festival Playlist using vouchers.

Where can I buy vouchers?

  • You will be able to purchase them at any time through the Store tab of the Pause Menu.

If I buy a voucher with my Steam/Microsoft account, can I use it on my Microsoft/Steam account?

  • No, vouchers do not cross over from different platforms.

I bought vouchers but I’m not seeing them show up for my account in-game, where are they?

  • If bought in-game, vouchers should show up after a few minutes. If bought outside the game, they should be applied to your account upon next log-in.


…seriously ? Wait ! Is it April 1st already ?


It’s not like FH5 is trowing money on you anyways… It’s just testing water for FH6… If it passes FH6 will probably be grindfest but there will be vouchers as a shortcut.
Anyways, even if FH6 becomes grindfest, I would gonna just love my earned cars more…


Its ok. I wish we had the option to buy playlist cars with vouchers. I am short on time, not money. The weekly grind is horrible for me especially when they hide exclusive cars behind the 40 points “you need to play online” wall.
The 20 point car is 1/3 of my weekly playtime

Why not include all cars?

Not that I’m for that at all. I’ve not bought any of the car packs despite wanting 2 cars.

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Sure, playlist cars (all NON-autoshow cars) maybe, but Autoshow cars ? ! Come on ! They come in wheelspins. Money comes easy to just buy them in the autoshow. People “gift” them all the time. You can even pick them up cheap in the auction sometimes. And people want to throw real money away to get them ? And someone thinks this cash grab is the best way to promote the game ? It reeks of EOL last minute suck all the money they can out of players. It’s tempting me to uninstall and walk away.

EDIT : I regret even agreeing/suggesting it might be a good idea to make this a thing for non-autoshow cars, because I feel like somebody is going to think it’s a great idea and even worse that a lot of players will too.


Yeah this really is a strange one, the comment above about testing this out for the next game seems the most plausible explanation, this would have happened long ago if it was just an attempted cash grab.

The backstage pass really should be back by now as well, I have stuck up for it’s absence when people have mentioned it previously but that was because there was still plenty of time for it to match FH4’s timing of Series 28 when it arrived, now here we are approaching S27 and we get…this instead.


Coming soon to FH5 ! Backstage Pass ! Buy your Backstage Pass for the low low price of $4.99 and use it to get a voucher for any Autoshow car.


You missed getting these cars from festival play list rewards too. This had to be of those things that sounded good on paper in the office meeting but in game mechanics practically makes this a very non viable addition

Now the backstage pass ported from fh4 that you earned for a hard to find formerly exclusive car would be a better add on combined with putting some of those older cars in the auto show.

If the intent was a qol improvement that would be they way to go

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Is this what Forza Horizon is becoming now? Next thing we’lll be able to finally do reverse races…for the princely sum of $5. I don’t like where this is heading, but I’m also really not surprised. This is probably the death knell for Backstage Pass I would suggest.

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looks at over 300 million credits and no cars left to buy

Yeah, totally useful feature here.


Getting ready for FH6, pay to play. They’ve learned from EA.


This is for new players to grab some of their favorite cars from the autoshow right away.
This has no impact on veteran players who likely have a mountain of credits that they’ll never spend.

No big deal.:man_shrugging:

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That would be more value than this. I’m expecting Player Clothing Vouchers next. Just the common ones that can be purchased with credits of course. You heard it here first !

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Well that sucks for new players. But it’s gonna suck for old veteran players when the FMhate grind starts on FH6 and you have to buy car vouchers, to get a car you have to grind, so you can “learn” how the car (you’ve driven and modified in five previous horizons) handles as you add mods.

I predict the end to in-game credits for acquiring cars in FH6. Maybe if players are lucky a super-voucher for 100 cars will be available for maybe $29.00 or possibly $19.00. Making a 500 car collection worth $100.00 to $150.00 investment. Oh, plus the cost of the game.

But you might get a special VIP advantage that doubles your voucher values.

Let’s face it, they’re rolling out the test bed right here in front of us. How many of you “completionists” can now afford to 100% the game?


And still, Kudos are pointless. :thinking::crazy_face::bison:


This doesn’t usually happen, but this leaves me so speechless that I can’t even come up with a snarky comment to post.

What the hell?

I could see it for playlist cars…but for the Autoshow? Why? What’s even the point?


Hmm… Kudos Vouchers ? Can I get a slice of that pie for the suggestion ?


oh man, I sure hope there is a Willy Jeep exploit in FH6, at launch… LOL :laughing:

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