Autoshow Car Vouchers in FH5

More likely as AnakalaRon suggested / suspects above there won’t be credits in FH6. Or they’ll be 10 times harder to earn and any exploits will be harshly punished. You’ll only be able to get the Willys with Vouchers.

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No credits, no exploits. You buy your Willys, then you spend 3 hrs grinding for CXP to level it up and build it. Then you can move on to your next car you really want. Except that the chorelist is out and you have to spend your voucher and the next 3 hours on a car you don’t want because there’s a free prize car (that you don’t really want) but FOMO has kicked in. And you’re hooked! Kiss your life goodbye.


Oh, and I forgot to mention, you won’t drive that Willys again for about six months.



I’m pretty sure they are testing or have implemented the server side architecture framework from FM here in FH with allways on internet connection on the pc side rn. I’ve had issues on steam starting around Oct 5th that have gotten worse from the 10th on. These issues are identical to those in fm with problems with tune and livery saves. Reported said issues with still not being resolved yet and only mention on today’s stream was on the fm side so as a fh player only i have to wait until the 14th when fm gets updated to see what happens here.

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So yes you are on point with things being tested

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Not sure why I’m looking around the net for more info on this. But having a read of the official announcement again a couple questions arose…

“You cannot acquire any rewards from the Festival Playlist using vouchers.”

So, for example, this weeks Super 7 reward of the common Autoshow Nissan 370Z (KCr 40?) can NOT be “purchased” with a voucher ?

“Cars you obtain by redeeming vouchers are linked to your account and cannot be given away by any means, including via gift drops or the Auction House.”

what What WHAT ? ! Of course, IF (suddenly stricken senile but not so much that I can’t process the microtransactioin and collection of said car) I’d hope my first thought wouldn’t be “How many Credits can I make flipping it in the Auction House ? Or maybe it’ll be a nice Gift for someone ?” so I suppose it’s kind of a moot point.

At least there shouldn’t be people complaining "I spent money for Willys, REAL money ! , and “accidentally” (sold it / gifted it / deleted it / etc. ) How do I get it back ? GIVE it back now !

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@hotrods70 that’s an interesting take. And highly probable.

OK, honest genuine questions :

Can more than one of any Autoshow car be purchased with a voucher ?

Can a car still be purchased in the Autoshow with Credits after buying one with a voucher ?

And vice versa can a car still be purchased with a voucher if already purchased with Credits ?

…although while I do want answers I’m not really sure why I want answers.

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Yeah it’s not a coincidence when i looked at the timing of it. I also understand that both studios share intellectual and physical property so everything has to jive going forward and that for me made the most sense that it was or has to do with

I used a voucher for a McLaren f1 gt and also later on bought a second from the auto show. Going the other way though I’m not sure

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Generally speaking most vouchers are probably used for the MB 300slr because of the astronomical price or the f1 gt because that may complete the manufacturing bonus, is more expensive, fun to drive along with being a potential source of further credit earnings via races. We all have preferences but i think these 2 specific cars are the most common for redeeming the (1) voucher when a player is new

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But that’s a different voucher than the one they are selling. I think it works the same way however.

Yeah, I can see the appeal for new players and very specific cars but, I dunno, the whole idea just rubs me wrong on so many levels.

Even so, embarrassingly, there is ONE car I might be tempted to Voucher. But. It’s not an Autoshow car. It’s not even an Auction House car (and getting it there wouldn’t be desirable anyway). And the only reason I might be tempted is so marginally irksome that even my borderline OCD can shrug it off. So even IF these Vouchers were cheaper and applied to every car I just can’t see buying them.

I don’t begrudge them for trying to a have revenue source but i do think they are barking up the wrong tree with this.

I had to read that a couple times for it to click. You’re right. The Credit grind has gotten harder, so I can see some value in it for those who started after the heady early days of easy Credits.

Still. Credits will happen. If you’re enjoying the game it’s simply a matter of patience. And that’s one of the things that irks me about it. PGGT10 appealing to “gotta have it NOW at any cost” nature of some players. But, what the heck, who am I to judge a gamer and their money right ?

Now. This being a foreshadowing of microtransactions and no Credits in future Forza titles leaving only Real Money as a way to play the game. That’s a hard pass here. Not that they hadn’t lost me already. This just confirms my choice as a good one. For me anyway.


Probably my biggest issue with it is… there was NOTHING else to be working on in this game ? Fans were screaming for THIS feature over any other ?

Like said though, this is probably a test for the future of Forza as a revenue generator. I just think they could have left FH5 alone and kept this grand idea for that future.


Well said

Wouldn’t be the '32 Ford Coupe FE by any chance would it?

Considering that + the OPI GT were both only obtained with something that cost a lot more than the cheapest option here I would also be tempted by it if I could get them both for $4.99, and also if I knew for certain they wouldn’t come back at some point like FH4’s pre-order cars did very late on.

If my calculations are correct then ignoring DLC the current 24 most expensive cars in the game would save a new player 345,300,000 credits, though the Jesko + Daytona can be obtained as guaranteed rewards from accolades.

Just not worth it, if you play the game enough the nature of how wheelspins work means it’s inevitable you’ll eventually land those big ticket autoshow cars anyway (excluding the Alfa 33 + Giulia as they aren’t in the prize pools).

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:slight_smile: Good guess (es) but nope. It’s the Corvette ZR1 for the Millionaire accolade. Reason : I got it (and several other rare cars) before having to change my gamertag. After changing I managed to eventually reacquire ALL but that ONE under my new gamertag as original owner cars. Silly OCD perfectionist collector gene means that ONE car being stuck on my OLD gamertag as Original Owner is bugging me lol. But, like I said, even I can manage to ignore it, mostly :wink: :laughing:

EDIT : How bad is my OCD perfectionist collector gene ? Well, when I changed the gamertag, and realized the Corvette issue, about oh, 3 or 4 months into the game, I seriously considered deleting the old game and starting fresh. How insane would that have been ? :laughing:

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What the actual–WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?!? For the easiest cars to get in the game, at that!