What cars should I purchase for playing online?

For playing online, are there certain classes of cars and certain specific cars that I should be buying from the single-player to have a fighting chance online?

And are there classes or cars that I actually HAVE TO have to have to play whatever modes are most common online?

Thanks for any help.

It depends on the cars you’re against. Unlike single player you can use any car online in a race as long as they are in the same class. Hope this helps!

Ok - so I guess my question then is, what types of cars will I usually be against online? Are there certain classes and types of cars that are more common online?

Really you should drive what you like and make those cars as competitive as possible. You’d be surprised what cars are quite competitive even though they’re maybe not as popular.
I’m able to win races often online in my S1 RUF Yellowbird and yet I see next to nobody using this car.

If you really want to stomp some lobbies though I recommend for A Class Subaru WRX '05, Lotus Exige or Alfa 33 Stradale but many cars are able to get the job done. The Lamborghini Veneno is really good in S2 and the Enzo Ferrari isn’t too bad either. The Nissan GTR Black Edition and Ferrari Challenge Stradale seem to be quite competitive in S1.

Also, having the right car build and a decent tune can make a big difference.

I’ve been playing Online for almost a month now and am still trying to deduce what’s best for me based on my driving style and where the races will occur. I think it’s best to have multiple B, A, and S1 classes ready to go. S2…they’re all so freaked out…to me, they’re all pretty close as long as you know how to tune suspension.

For A Class, I have been liking the Challenger 392 the most. I also have a RS4 and Mercedes Hatch for that class.

For S1, I use the Mazda RX7 and Lambo Countach. Still looking for something better here. Have some ideas with cars I just won to potentially take this to the next level.

For B Class, I haven’t found anything I like beyond the X5M BMW and the Toyo MR.2

S2 is my choice on class because that’s where I am most comfortable tuning and building. Life begins at 200MPH.

You have plenty of time. Try them all. Start with your man crush cars. Do 1 for each class. Then the next week switch them out.

It’s best to have at least one good car for B,A,S1 and S2 classes. Especially A and S1 as these are the most chosen classes in online road trips.

My best cars are as follows:
S2: Lambo Veneno
S1: BMW 1M 2011
A: Mercedes A45
B: Subaru Impreza 05’

Ultimately you should find a car that works well for you but I would always recommend making sure your best cars have good handling and acceleration and are stable when off road…

As for which game modes come up just often, in online road trips it’s always a mix because of the voting system. I think people normally vote for the class they want leaving you with four random modes to race. King and infected cone up more than you might think and I would recommend an AWD car with no wheelspin when accelerating. Most races I would say are sprint races.