Forza Horizon 2 Best Car?


I have enough credits to buy the most expensive car in the game (Lamborghini veneno). But I am not sure if that is the best car because for example the ratings (speed, launch etc.) of the bugatti veyron look better. What car should I get? (Best car in the game)

I swear I’ve seen this thread pop up numerous times. Did you try searching for something similar before posting?

If by “best car in game” you mean the best leaderboard car you’d first have to pick a class. Then you can go look at the leaderboards for that class and location and see what the top people use.
If you mean for online then it depends (somewhat) on how you build out the car, (somewhat) how you tune it, and (mostly) how well you drive. In any given class, there are a multitude of cars that do well.

Best car in the game - AMC Rebel “The Machine” because it comes with a fun paint job and I’ve never actually seen someone using it outside of Johniwanna’s DLC challenge when it launched.


If you’re looking for the fastest around a track, the Ferrari LaFerrari is definitely what you want to go with. Amazing handling

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If you can only afford one or the other I’d go with the Veneno.

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The Veneno will outperform the Veyron in every category but top speed. The Lambo is far-and-away the better choice, of the two.

“What’s the best car?”

That question can’t really be answered- it’s just not that simple a game.

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I own all S2 Cars and races are won with handling. only experts/experienced people who know how to drive it should use a veyron.
my top 3
458 speciale

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For A-CLASS i use BMW M4 2014 with engine swap and some other stuff applied.
For S1-CLASS i use Toyota Supra FF which has a good handling and power.
For S2-CLASS i use LaFerrari.

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Avoid this advice because you wont win anything.

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Actually i won a lot of races with BMW M4…

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Yeah I would avoid this for the leaderboard or the lobbies - cause honestly the Supra FF is not that great and it comes maxed for S1 without adjustable parts so you’re down to little to no tuning and that car needs it bad.

If you determine “best car” by winning races then try the following:

For B Class: Alfa Romeo Guilia TZ2
For A Class: '05 Subaru WRX, Lancia 037, Alfa Stradale
For S1 Class: Shelby Daytona Coupe, R34 Skyline, Lancia 037
For S2 Class: 458 Speciale, Veneno, Camaro Z28, C7 Z06

Perfectly agree with this comment but I’d ad other cars to the shortlist because it also depends of your driving style and circuit
For A Class: '05 Subaru WRX, Lancia 037, Alfa Stradale, => Maserati 300’s, Dodge Dart
For S1 Class: Shelby Daytona Coupe, R34 Skyline, Lancia 037, => Ferrari F50, MaseratiMC12

They all depends on upgrades too ^ But for S2 the Veneno, P1 and LaFerrari have good speed and handling. But I dont use them as theyre common and I use my 650S, Aston One 77, Veyron, Enzo etc. Ive won many races in all those cars. They can be great if driven and built well

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Thanks everyone for all the advice! :slight_smile:

Best car in the game is the car you can beat other people with…

For me it’s the Lamborghini Jalpa or the Camaro IROC-Z.

Pick a car you like, tune it to perfection, and smoke everybody on the course :smiley:


Arlright, thanks dude :slight_smile:

I think it is impossible to determine the best car in the game. Some will be faster but are not good for racing, others offer a compromise but you know how compromises are, either the car will too slow, or the car will not be the best to steer.

It is also a matter of what you need. If you are going to do road trips on line (a group of four races where the winner is the one who gets the most xP), you will need to avoid some cars. I don’t want to read comments from fanboys saying the Bugatti is the best; it might be fast, but when it comes to a corner… A car is mostly competitive if it can handle well. There are a few exceptions, sure, but, steering is very important. Speed isn’t everything.

That said, the best car in the game would be an S2 or X-Class, and my vote goes to the Lamborghini Veneno. Before buying it, I recommend unlocking the perk that gives you a 10% discount on every car, so then you can save about 160,000 credits buying.

However, you have to remember one thing: having a good car isn’t the main part. The driver, though, is.


Fast&Furious Cuda

Depends on class. I typically refuse to race above A class online because 99% of the players don’t have the skill to drive the faster cars and the roadtrips become demolition derbies. The thing I hate most about this game is that online always gravitates to S2 and most players can’t handle them. I almost always win S2 races but I much prefer A, B, C, D class. The only S2’s I like to drive are the Veneno, LaFerrari and Ferrari Speciale 458… To me that Bugatti is undriveable but it sure is fast. But the best cars in the game are stuff like a Ferrari 250 GTO, Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, Shelby Daytona etc… There are a few others that I consider to be “naturally” good while most take a lot of build/tuning decisions to get competitive. And some cars no matter how hard I try just can’t seem to compete.

Best however is in the eye of the beholder. I will never understand the allure of S2 though? The lower classes are just much more fun to drive and race. I don’t understand why people continually vote to race in cars they can’t control?

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