What are your favorite dirt racing cars?

The thing I like most about Forza Horizon is that you can actually race on questionable terrain. What are your favorite rides for dirt races and cross country? I am asking about competitive cars and fun ones too.

Oh! and tell me about your oddball picks too!

1 important rule, though. Must function at S1 or below.

I like my Peel P50 for dirt racing.

2018 911 GT2 RS on S900. Sounds weird, is weird but extremely good and fun. Only thing it doesn’t like are huge jumps.

I’m sure that it handles jumps better than the Reliant… That car stands on its nose for a moment upon landing… Dead stop mind you.

I have also notice that porsches are pretty mutch best dirt racing cars, my personal favorite is cayman gts and i like mutch on 944 also it’s bit slower but i like it how sleeper looking that car is. And i have made old 911 gt2 on dirt racing car.

Are you guys AWD swapping these Porsches? I can barely keep my RWD ones on paved roads let alone dirt. But an AWD Porsche rally car sounds like a good time if the 959 is any indicator. :sunglasses:

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My GT2 RS is swapped, yes. I wanted to make use of this car but on S2 998 it’s overstrained and with stock tires S900 isn’t possible. So I just test-swapped to AWD, off-road tires and off-road suspension. Then meddled with the tune and this car surprised me a lot. Very stable, 8.4 handling without aero parts, grip for days and 350+ top speed when needed. It’s now my go-to car in S900 dirt or snow races.

Hmmm… i love to dirt drive the “SUBARU Impreza WRX STi” (don’t know if 2005 or 2008).

Hoonigans Ford Focus Gymkhana tuned to S1 900, you can also try my tunning “Tato 790709”…

I made a ridiculous lifted S900 VW Corrado rally car with the rally engine swap. The only reason I purchased it in the first place was for that one Forzathon event but now it’s one of my favourite cars. :grin:

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Jeep Trailcat, handles any terrain with relative ease, even bone stock.

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Subaru #199 WRX STi VT15r

or Ford F150 Raptor

My go to rally car is a Fiesta ST tuned to the top of B class with stock FWD drivetrain and stock engine swap. Sure, it ain’t a match for the “Rally Monsters” but it is hella competitive for its class and very fun to drive.
I tried to get it setup similar to the M-Sport Fiesta R2 cars but to be honest the resemblance is rather small in reality due to slightly limited upgrade options on the game and the want to keep it at B700.

I think that FWD is far too much underrated, especially for rally builds but as long as you don’t go too crazy on the power, it gives control on mixed surfaces like no other. (Also the pi is kept nice and low with FWD)

I like my s tuned dukes of hazzard charger , all rally parts with the v8 crate motor. Take it everywhere, x country, dirt series, team adv, forzathon live etc. Swinging that big beaut around but it handles like a go kart. Kind of hate how much fun it is - dont enjoy other cars as much as I’d like

Lancia Delta S4 with the Group B body kit swap tuned up to S900. It has incredible acceleration and it is the perfect length for stability. I was using the Ford RS200, but the Lancia is just perfect to throw around every corner sideways with some throttle control or handbrake work and you can lay the power down to flow out of every corner perfectly.

I use the Lancia Delta HF Integrale in A class and its a grip monster in dirt. Not as fun as the S4, but it works great.

I’m too much of a purist to swap my engines or do drive-train swaps as it seems like it ruins the intended design of the car.

Toyota Arctic Trucks Land Cruiser AT37.
I swapped the engine to V8TT for use in the S1 class, but this “battleship” has a great runnability, stability and acceleration.
And above all, huge off-road tires and over fenders are my favorites.
This makes me feel the true 4×4 spirit that modern “city boy” style SUV like Cayenne and X6 do not have.

I dream that they will add such a rough and tough and true 4x4 in the future.
Until that day comes, I will run all off-road with this Toyota.

LOL, i thought i was the only one using this car online, just love it.

For me, the Lancia 037 swapped to AWD and a 3.2L I6 engine, upgraded to the top of S1 class. I prefer dirt racing in this game, and that car is definitely my favorite one for it, though there’s plenty of other rally cars that are a lot of fun.

More surprisingly, I also really like the TVR Sagaris on dirt. I’ve made it AWD, put on rally tires and rally suspension, and upgraded to the top of S1 and it’s a real beast on dirt.

For B Class dirt racing, I use an 86’ Escort. It has AWD, great acceleration, superior handling (Though PR is 5.9), and it’s easy to control. However, I only use it for solo.

For A Class, I use a variety of cars, depending on the layout. I use a 91’ CRX as it has great handling, but the acceleration is insane. It’s average for longer tracks though.

However, I don’t usually tune a lot of cars and I’m planning to do more once I have some more time. My tunes may be available for download soon, but I need to fine tune them more first.