What are your favorite dirt racing cars?

I use Porsche’s also… the 4.0 is great for S1. But my main ones are the 288GTO and Ford GT05 they have the best possible handling and easiest to drive. The Ford is also a dual purpose rallycross build… all 3 handle tarmac pretty well.

I’m really liking these ideas, I need to start taking notes lol

Right now, my favorites are the Tamo Racemo and the GRC Civic. The Racemo is freakishly quick, but I am still trying to work on its steering characteristics. It is still annoyingly understeery and heavy feeling… for a car that is stupidly light.

For S1 I use a 1997 BMW M3 or a Viper ACR with AWD, A class is a 2015 Subaru Impreza, and for S2 I use a Ford Mustang, either 2017 GT or Deberti Design, again with AWD tune. In fact I use the Deberti Design for Forzathon Live, because it drifts nicely, does over 200mph and accelerates quickly.

I guess as far as cars I use, there is always the Lotus Exige for higher class rallying if you aren’t interested in using a fiesta. I have one tuned to A-800 with stock engine swap and stock RWD drivetrain although it can be quite the beast if tuned to S1-900 with AWD conversion.

I find it is often unusual car combinations that make good race cars on these games so I wouldn’t always focus purely on the “obvious” choices. The most important thing is to drive cars that you like and set them up as you want them to drive; just because certain cars may be known for being hellishly quick for a given use, it doesn’t mean that everybody must drive them.

What is your Extige tune? I always wanted to make one work.

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Oldsmobile 442 aka Grabber Olds. Built for all torque.

A class Audi quattro with stock tires!
Man I feel like Ken Block with the 900 degrees on my G920 and shifter.
so much fun.

I have a new favorite now… The newest MX5 with the 4 rotor. It has insane acceleration and is normally aspirated. Somehow, it also bites well from the start line.

Chevy El Camino, accidentally built it, surprisingly good handling and speed, I use it for both rally and cross country.

I just saw that the Rally Porsche 959 was changed in the update to have better working springs. After a bit of spring work it drives great and can hit upwards of 330 km/h in S class. Great change.

My favorites at S1 Rally:

  1. Opel Manta
  2. Hoonigan Gymkhana 9 Ford Focus
  3. Civic GRC

I often use the Mini Cooper barn find with a tune. It goes so fast but doesn’t do well through water. Although the ford rs200 with a tune is great and also the subaru wrx sti.

Pagani Huayra.

Subaru Impreza

Classic muscle cars upgraded Mad Max style