Dirt cars?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been racing mainly road and street races. Expert difficulty. I’m a big fan of rally racing though and have played a lot of codemasters dirt over the years so I wanted to give the H5 dirt series a try. To my surprise, I can’t seem to find a car/tune that is recommended for the dirt races. I played around with the hoonigan’s but if I tune for 800 or 900, I’m still maybe BARELY able to win a race on expert. It feels like these aren’t meant to be rally car races but then I don’t exactly know what I’m supposed to use because the recommended cars are all over the place.

Any tips?

Thank you!

Are you playing the Premium edition? Try it with the Mitsubishi you got in the welcome pack, it does a great job!

It’s also my go-to car in Dirt Rally 2.0 :smiley:

Whenever in doubt: Exomotive’s Exocet Off-road with DJS’ A class tune.

Maybe you drive like on dirt? It’s not dirt in Forza.

I shared a dirt tune for a lotus Exige for the seasonal championship. There’s a couple others listed in the seasonal thread. If you are tuning yourself the rally tires made a huge difference over street tires.

There are afaik three Rally classes. Retro-, Clasic and Modern Rally. Plenty of dedicated dirt carts to chose from.
But ultimatley anything can be a Dirt car, just add rally suspension, rally tires and AWD.

Just make sure that you don’t overdo that. If you start with a low PI car, add awd and Rally tires, than you’ll end up with car that has good grip on dirt but is terribly slow for its PI rating.

That Nissan Rally Raid truck is unbelievably quick and fun to drive in A Class. I’m certain it will be just as good in S.

Try Rayne SE’s 05 Impreza in A class (the one with Offroad tyres). Very nice to drive.