Super cars forced into mixed surface races

Is the worst and least fun design choice in a driving game in the history of driving games.

That is all.

Fortunately, most of my team mates quit and the rest of us were able to beat this event first attempt, because otherwise, that’s 10 points I wasn’t getting ever because this is simply not fun.


It was super easy! Made an Audi TT 2010! Used it for the trial and the other champion that’s S1. No issues here if you read what kinda race it is!

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The Centenario isn’t bad on dirt, I did just fine with it.


I used the Saleen S1, and still kept up with everyone else. In fact I had an advantage at the beginning of the races which started on roads, and used that advantage to ram all of the Ai off the road for the rest of the team.

i used the FE Porsche with my own tune and completely dominated the entire field. despite having lame teammates we were able to get it done, thanks to my coming in first every race and a few other players dropping out in the second and third races.

Try the Elise GT1 with Rocklxd’s tune or the million other good options

If I’m not mistaken there was no car class restrictions, just the PI class had to be S1 900?

Only one of the offline championships forced modern supercars and mixed surface. There I made myself a rally tune for the BRZ which worked well.

what’s wrong with it? sport cars and super cars are actually good on rally some of them are meta cars even so what’s the problem. it’s more on your teammate than the car imo.

Yes, some of them are. But it doesnt change the fact they are not the best on dirt lol. If you going to do a dirt event, woudlnt be more appropiated to do it with a rally car? or a semi-offroad car? lol.

The problem here is not this, the problem is, again, that the devs seem to be clueless about everything, they probably threw at us another random surface event without checking, this time they got luck that sport cars are no so bad in dirt… but the next time maybe its cross country… who knows…

Porsche actually are very good for these events if tuned right. I did a quick slap up job and didn’t even bother with fine tuning, just upgrades and ran the 911 '19.

It would help if the tracks had a description like…

Road = 10%
Offroad = 90%

Then we could choose a better car.


This was actually the easiest trial so far.
My (random) team and me dominated the event, with all of us driving supercars too (i was using a Koenigsegg CC8S).

Fh series is essentially a arcade racing game rather than a simulation, that’s why you get suoercars and hypercars in offroad races.

What now… lol. Sure, the day we see hypercars in off road races, that will be the day every single player quits. It doesnt matter if horizon is more arcade oriented. There is a reason we have dirt races, road racing races, cross country for the same way we have cars that can be TUNED for off road, road racing, etc. Please stop defending the guys behind the game that are doing a terrible job managing the gameplay mechanics of this game.

I wasn’t defending, I was simply saying why we get, supercars or whatever in dirt and cross-country races, I wouldn’t personally use a million pound supercar in those type of races and neither would anyone else who really knows anything about cars, but others do, and the fact they can out perform a car that is specifically designed for dirt and cross-country races proves that the game is arcade rather than a simulation.

It states that it’s a Dirt Racing series when you select the event, so the onus is on you to choose an appropriate car (yes I know the first race is mostly tarmac). I have an S1-900 R8 from several series ago where we had to do a dirt Speed Zone in an S1 Audi and the Quattro wasn’t up to scratch, so I use that for just about every S1 dirt race (and it handles well enough on tarmac to not be an issue on mixed-surface races).

Does it? I missed that part.

Donkervoort for the win (105 181 576). I was 2nd in the first race and comfortably leading the second when I stuffed up and missed a check point. We still won though.

This was far from the worst Trial I’ve ever done. Last week (Winter) I gave up. If ever there was a crime against motor sport it’s the Cathedral circuit. Guanajuato is nothing but ridiculously tight backroads and blind corners that make me yearn for Edinburgh.

I like how these replies were mostly people saying “hurr hurr me good at game me have no problem!”

When I never said anything about difficulty, other than my team mates quitting assured victory.

The **** is not fun, it doesn’t matter what the difficulty is. Fine some of you like it, I have no idea how someone could like this trash off road racing, when landing randomly spins you, water effects the player more than the AI and also randomly spins you, and just overall terrible layouts. And if it was optional and didn’t have cars locked behind having to complete it, I wouldn’t even complain about it. Because I just would never do them. But since the devs are super cool guys who lock content behind trash content just because, I have to deal with their terrible design choices to get certain cars.

So I get to do stupid championships with mixed surfaces with super cars, and have 2 pointless loading screens that could easily be avoided between each race because reasons.

It is a forum and they are opinions. If they were directly attacking you i would understand your comment but they are not. Some like the challenge and others (such as yourself) do not.

The game is not going to please everyone and at least you got it done, there were plenty of others who didn’t because they had very poor teammates. It is kinda rare they lock exclusives behind the Trial anyway, most of the cars they offer as prize for Trial are generally in Autoshow at reasonable prices or going cheaply in Auction House. I’m pretty sure a lot of players don’t do the Trial for the car as most would already probably have it, instead they tend to do it to complete the Festival for thier own personal gratisfaction.

Anyway, i for one don’t mind mixed surface racing, i enjoy all the types of racing to be honest. I don’t let the game get to me, i just keep on at it until i get it. Nothing was ever meant to be easy.