Street races full of Hypercars, even offline

When was the last time you saw an illegal street race with 23 Zondas VS a Chevy MonteCarlo?

What the hell is wrong with whoever made that decision?

Why on earth can’t we pick a class of cars for Street Races?

Completely boring after the first 3

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I probably wouldn’t even mind if the Zondas weren’t all so garish in gold.

It was mostly all cult cars for me in the Peel. D100 FTW.

Yea street races don’t appear to have any restriction when it comes to cars, i don’t really like them for that. That was untill I got the Vulcan (fight fire with fire)

I assume it depends on the car class, and I’m guessing you’re Monte Carlo is upgraded?

Of course it depends on class

Regardless, every single car that isn’t mine, are all the same car, every single time

Plus, the PI system is totally broken anyway.

Yes my Monte is “S2” but there’s no way know I’d keep up properly with a Zonda, F40, Hyura, Koenigsegg etc

It’s just ridiculous really

This is one of the reason i wrote in a thread about change the multiplayer (If they do), there are no sense using a Honda S2000 in S2 class against a Zonda with the same Class and power.

The multiplayer should let you choose:
Class in PI
Car class (Sports, exotics), choosing Sports only you will get paired with the same type of cars, if there are Nissans 350Z the others cars will be the same class.

It’s clearly a problem with how they are selecting the drivatars.

My problem was racing against 12 Ford Focuses or Audi TTs. If I restarted the game it would be fine for one-two races, i.e. cars from the same category as mine that performed similarly, but after that it reverted back to Focus and TT.

I would probably surmise that street races are kind of broken. After reaching the race at level 10 I’ve avoided playing any street races. I’ll probably have to at some point though, if I want to get it to level 20.

I got different experiences to this when I played online coop rather than single player.
Using the NSX for the weekly event I had competed in a street race while playing solo, and was up against the range of Hypercars we are all seeing here.
But I then did a bit of online coop, same event category but raced in coop mode and it seemed to reset the AI cars to being of a similar category to the NSX instead of Zonda / Reventon / Million dollar + hypercars

Well as far as im aware the PI system is based on power:weight ratio, breaking, potential handling, ect. If you build up a lower class car into a much higher class i would expect for you to be against hypercars and such…and you should still be able to win if you do your part. Just keep in mind that you will need to do a fairly solid tune to make sure all those pretty new race parts are working together like they should be

Are you part of a club by any chance? I joined a club at the start of autumn and all my drivatars switched to being my club mates and were all in very similar cars, in the NSX events it was literally only Skyline R34s, MX5s and other NSXs. When I left the club it changed my drivatars back to friends and randoms and suddenly the grid had much more diversity, the same race included a Z8, 350Z, Porsche 944 and a couple of others.

If you’re in a club where most people predominantly use the FE Zonda R in S2, then that’s what you’re going to come up against more often than not.

I started doing them in the Clio FE, I don’t think I changed anything about it, so it was at 799. All the cars I raced against were below 800, so no hypercars. I was able to win every race on Expert.

Guys it’s not that I can’t win the races, that’s the easy part

It’s just super frustrating the lack of diversity in drivatars vehicle selection

It’s the same 1 or 2 different cars over the whole grid, it’s a bit sad when Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 got this better we’ll over 10 years ago